Increase Student Literacy With Timely Teaching Tools

Students conducting independent reading in class taught by teacher who is taking Literacy Toolbox Professional Program coursesThe Literacy Toolbox Series is designed for all K-12 educators who want practical instructional tools and new creative teaching ideas to improve student literacy. This series introduces new teachers to literacy tools and ways to develop student literacy skills. K-12 educators explore a number of ways that literacy tools can be used. It also gives veteran teachers an opportunity to re-examine and/or diversify the literacy tools they currently use.

Who Should Attend

These courses are designed for Grade K-12 teachers that want to develop strategies to significantly improve the literacy skills of their students.

Program Details

Enroll in an individual course, or choose multiple courses in this series that fit your professional growth needs.

You can expect the following from the Independent Study Self-Paced course in this series:

  • You can independently work on course work, completing course within nine months from enrollment
  • You will read articles and watch videos, and interact with resources provided within the course
  • Instructor is available by email
  • Completed assignments are submitted upon completion of the entire course, and then evaluated by assigned instructor
  • Instructor provide provides feedback to your submitted work.  Final grade is issued and posted to your record for transcript.
  • Assess current literacy tools and concepts used in the classroom
  • Utilize a wide range of literacy tools as adult learners
  • Examine curriculum and lesson plans that use literacy tools
  • Review educational research on literacy tools
  • Plan lessons and instructional units using a number of literacy tools

See each course for materials needed.

"I definitely plan to add more lessons to my Comprehension Literacy Toolbox for all of the comprehension strategies . . . I believe that this course [EDU-X700I] has made me excited about teaching the strategies and my students see my enthusiasm. We all need something new to fire us up at times!" -- Beth F., Teacher, Sacramento

Additional Details

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