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If your organization offers courses or trainings — and wants to make these offerings as valuable as possible to your participants — consider the benefits of partnering with the University of San Diego for credit validation.

What is Credit Validation?

One common denominator among the most successful organizations is that they prioritize educational and professional development opportunities for their members, and one way to accomplish this is to support training programs and courses that will help them excel in their jobs and careers.

Such professional growth opportunities can occur through established third-party programs or, in some cases, organizations will create their own customized, in-house training programs to boost specific knowledge and skill sets. Many organizations also find it beneficial to partner with an academic institution or an industry advocacy organization to be able to offer official credit to successful participants.

Credit Validation with USD

The University of San Diego’s Division of Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) works with several organizations to help them add value to their courses and trainings by establishing a structure to offer graduate level extension credit for work completed in trainings, conferences, workshops and other professional development programs. Courses can be classroom-based, online, or blended.

Organizations that partner with USD in these offerings include private companies, nonprofits, public agencies such as school districts or county education offices, and professional organizations. 

How to Partner with USD for Course Credit Validation

USD has been partnering with organizations to offer credit validation for over 25 years and the process is relatively simple.

  • Contact PCE by emailing
  • Submit information about your course or training for review.
  • Receive a website link that provides participants with an easy way to enroll for credit.
  • Competitive and affordable credit validation fees include a printed transcript for students.

Note: Graduate level extension credits are not part of a degree program but instead are primarily used for professional development, and may in some cases be used toward salary advancement and recertification.

Explore Courses and Programs

The University of San Diego has partnered with various organizations to offer credit for your hard work. Browse our courses below to find your organization or program that you are seeking to earn credit for.

USD’s Credit Validation Process

  • Submit new course or section forms
  • Confirmation of form(s) receipt
  • Review/modify enrollment page(s) from Credit Validation Coordinator
  • Upon course completion, request grade roster and return grades
  • One Complimentary transcript is mailed to each student

Why Work With Usd?

  • One complimentary transcript is mailed to the student
  • Your program coordinator provides personalized white-glove service
  • Competitive and affordable fees
  • Quick, efficient, and reliable service
  • Nationally recognized, regionally accredited institution
  • Dedicated enrollment and student services team
  • Over 25 years of Credit Validation expertise

Benefits of Credit Validation

  • Added value to your program, by offering credit options
  • Increased opportunity for salary advancement and career progression
  • Receiving institution may accept graduate level extension credit(s) into degree program

Is USD Right for Me?

USD’s widely respected Division of Professional & Continuing Education is dedicated to connecting students with high-quality courses and certificate programs.

If you are passionate about lifelong learning or if you are seeking educational opportunities to gain specific knowledge and skills for personal or career advancement reasons, then (yes!) the University of San Diego is right for you.

Informative Stats and Facts


USD has been crafting high-quality curriculum for over 70 years


Number of students who have enhanced their career


Majority of courses are offered in flexible and convenient formats


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your registration/refund policies?

Click here for complete details regarding our refund, drop and transfer policies.

Are the continuing education courses transferable to a Master degree program?

Unfortunately most of our courses do not count towards a degree, unless otherwise stated on the course website page. Credit earned in some of our courses may be accepted by some universities as applicable towards a degree but that would be at the discretion of the university.

Can the Division of Professional and Continuing Education help in the process of issuing the Student Int’l Visa (F1)?

Certificate programs offered through the Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) at the University of San Diego, are not supported with I-20 assistance (student visas) at this moment. However, PCE’s English Language Academy (ELA) offers I-20 assistance and students who are participating in ELA programs may also participate in other PCE programs. For additional information, please call 1 619-260-8887.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree program with the University of San Diego, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions can issue a Form I-20 to international students who have been accepted to degree program at the University. The application procedures, deadlines, and the Admissions Office contact information can be found on USD’s Undergraduate Admissions page.

What are the options regarding housing for the students that are coming from outside San Diego?

On-campus housing is subject to availability, for information please contact Residential Life at

USD is located 5 minutes from Hotel Circle which offers a variety of hotels/motels with varying price points to fit different budgets. There are also apartment options close to campus; for information about these options, please click here.

How long do I have to complete the Certificate?

You have five years to complete the certificate.

What if I can’t complete a course?

An Incomplete (INC) grade is available in some circumstances. The instructor makes the final determination of acceptance of assigning an incomplete grade based on the level of work already completed and the amount of assignments remaining. (Policies)

To receive an ‘INC’ grade, students must complete a Petition for Incomplete and forward it to PCE. PCE will then forward the Petition to the instructor for approval. If coursework is not completed in the agreed extension period, a final grade is assigned, all ‘INC’ grades convert to ‘F’ grades or ‘NG’ (No Grade). (Petition)

Is there an application or admission requirement?

No application is required. Unless otherwise listed within the program specific information, there are no admissions requirements.


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