Data Analytics and Visualization Certificate

4 Courses
8 Units
Online Fixed-Date
28 Weeks

How Data Analytics and Storytelling with Data Can Enhance Business Performance – Fully Online

It is not an exaggeration to say that data analytics is changing the world. Each day, skilled analysts are working with data to discover, develop, and present insights that add value to the organizations they work for. As a result, there is strong demand for skilled data analysts to fill high-paying positions across nearly all industries.

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This online professional certificate program is designed and taught by expert instructors and faculty to provide practical statistical techniques and sought-after skillsets in Data Analytics and Data Visualization. The four courses in this program will prepare you to solve real-world data problems and develop insights that lead to more informed, data-driven decisions and business actions.

The four courses must be taken in order, but each one is offered three times per year so you will have the opportunity to begin your studies program in whichever semester works best for you (Spring, Summer or Fall). The courses are delivered in an asynchronous, fully online format, which provides considerable flexibility to complete the work on your own schedule as you earn your certificate in just 28 weeks.

You’ll start by exploring how to efficiently utilize data analyses techniques and apply in-demand tools, and then how to effectively present and communicate your findings. The valuable skills you will learn in this career-enhancing University of San Diego data analytics certification not only provide you with a powerful boost to your resume, you’ll also do hands-on exercises and project work that you can present to potential employers as part of your data analytics and data storytelling portfolio.

For those who are interested in advancing into data science roles in the future, it is important to note that successful completion of this Data Analytics and Visualization Certificate with a grade of B or better in each course can enable you to waive 6 units of prerequisites in the University of San Diego’s online Master of Science in Applied Data Science program.

certificate Requirements

To earn the University of San Diego’s Data Analytics and Visualization Certificate, students must complete each of the program’s four courses. In addition to the tuition for each course, there is a one-time $45 certificate fee.

Your Data Analytics and Visualization Certificate can be completed in as few as two semesters (28 weeks).

USD certificate programs provide a rigorous program of study that demonstrates a progression of learning and the mastery of a specific body of knowledge. Learn more about University of San Diego certificate programs.

cohort Schedule

Course #Required Courses (8 Units)DurationFall 2022Spring 2023Summer 2023
DAV-X800Essentials of Analytics in Excel (2 Units)7 WeeksSep 6 – Oct 24, 2022Jan 10 – Feb 27, 2023May 9 – Jun 25, 2023
DAV-X801AData Visulization & Storytelling with Tableau (2 Units)7 WeeksOct 25 – Dec 12, 2022Feb 28 – Apr 17, 2023Jun 27 – Aug 14, 2023
DAV-X801BData Analytics with Python and R (2 Units)7 WeeksJan 10 – Feb 27, 2023May 9 – Jun 26, 2023Sep 5 – Oct 2, 2023
DAV-X802Data Analytics and Visualization Capstone (2 Units)7 WeeksFeb 28 – Apr 17, 2023Jun 27 – Aug 14, 2023Oct 24 – Dec 11, 2023

Schedule & Fees

Required Courses – Start with DAV-X800 and continue in order

All courses from this stream are required for completion of this certificate
Course Date Units Price
Essentials of Analytics in Excel [DAV-X800] See Course Options 2 $1375
See Course Options
Online Fixed-Date
Isabella Oakes

Take our Excel Analytics online course to get started earning a certificate in Data Analytics and Visualization

Data Visualization & Storytelling with Tableau [DAV-X801A] See Course Options 2 $1375
See Course Options
Online Fixed-Date
Ryan Dunn

Position yourself for a career on the cutting edge of data analytics and data visualization with our Data Visualization & Storytelling with Tableau course.

Data Analytics with Python and R [DAV-X801B] See Course Options 2 $1375
See Course Options
Online Fixed-Date
Jose Estrada

Learn the fundamentals for data analysis and coding in our online Python and R data analytics course.

Data Analytics and Visualization Capstone [DAV-X802] See Course Options 2 $1375
See Course Options
Online Fixed-Date
Azucena Faus

Online two-unit capstone course, the fourth of four for the Data Analysis and Visualization Certificate, that focuses on preparing a culminating project of preparing a data analysis with visualization presentation.


Learning Method Information

Online Fixed-Date

Online Fixed-Date: Online fixed-date courses offer a convenient, yet rigorous style of learning that enables you to collaborate with your instructor and other students in a shared, online learning environment. These courses have fixed start and finish dates, but as an online student you will have 24/7 online access to your classroom assignments, syllabus and course resources. Our online fixed-date courses allow you to work on your assignments anytime, although you are required to complete the assignments by specific dates.

How is the learning structured? In an online fixed-date course, you and your classmates will proceed through the curriculum together, collaborating in a shared learning experience. Each online fixed-date course is asynchronous, meaning that you can work on your assignments anytime, although required to complete the assignments by specific dates. The course is designed with learning modules where all of the content is grouped into weekly assignments. Each module covers one or more topics. Within each of the learning modules, you can expect the following components:

  • Module introduction that outlines what you can expect to learn in the module.
  • Required readings (textbook, articles, journals, etc.) and presentations (audio and/or video).
  • Assignments with due dates (which may include: written assignments, journal entries, research, blogs, etc.) based on the readings and presentations.
  • Discussion forum where you answer prompts from the instructor and interact with your classmates.
  • Module conclusion to review the topics and what you should have learned.
  • Typically, there is a final project, paper, or exam due in the last module that culminates all of the topics covered in each of the learning modules. You’ll find that the design of the learning modules has a rhythm to help you manage your time in the course.


The four courses in our program have been thoughtfully crafted to build your knowledge and skills, and position you for success in your career and in the employment market. Each course is seven weeks long. Let’s take a closer look (click on the individual course links for additional details):

Essentials of Analytics in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a very important tool in the world of data analytics. This course offers students a jumping-off point into the world of visualizations and data-driven decision-making while exploring how Excel is used in fundamental statistical concepts (i.e., descriptive statistics, statistical inference, and regression analysis). Participants will become adept at using such tools as Pivot Tables, the Data Analysis ToolPak, the VLOOKUP function and more.

Data Visualization & Storytelling with Tableau

This hands-on course introduces students to the process of developing meaningful data visualizations to provide actionable information for relevant audiences, using the visual analytics software platform Tableau — another essential data analytics tool. Participants will learn data ethics and theory of data storytelling, and use Tableau to visually analyze data and create meaningful dashboards 

Data Analytics with Python and R

Learn the fundamentals of utilizing in-demand programming languages Python and R for data exploration, data cleaning and data visualization. This course approaches data analytics programming in a practical and accessible manner, using a hands-on approach that assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. It is to enhance the ability of professionals from any field to utilize data analytics when making business decisions. Students will also develop a foundational understanding of machine learning.

Data Analytics and Visualization Capstone

The goal of the Data Analytics Capstone course is to integrate the knowledge and skills gained from the three previous courses to create a proposal, prepare and analyze data, create visualizations, and present a comprehensive hands-on project. Visualizations will include graphs and charts embedded in the presentation, as well as a final interactive dashboard, ideally hosted on the web for use in the student’s e-portfolio.

What You Will Learn

The four courses in our program have been thoughtfully crafted to build your knowledge and skills, and position you for success in your career and in the employment market. Each course is seven weeks long. Let’s take a closer look (click on the individual course links for additional details):

Who Should Attend

The USD data analytics certification courses are well-suited to a wide range of potential students, not just those who have related work experience or bachelor’s degrees in STEM, math or science fields. Mid-career professionals who have some experience working with data and technology will also be well-positioned for success. 

Ideal data analytics certificate program candidates include:


Students who complete the online Data Analytics and Visualization Certificate will: 


Data literacy is an increasingly important and valuable skill set. Enrolling in this program allowed me to develop a robust understanding of data analysis concepts and tools in a way that I was able to apply new skills professionally as I was learning them. I notice I am better prepared to validate information presented to me, more capable of finding and presenting insights from data and more confident in tools like Excel and Tableau.


Professional development courses offered by the University of San Diego’s Division of Professional & Continuing Education are taught by faculty that possess a depth and breadth of academic and real-world professional experience.

Careers Outlook

Employment opportunities in the business and finance field are expected to grow by over 750,000 new jobs by 2030 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). With so many new and emerging opportunities, employers are going to have to compete heavily to attract and retain the most talented and educated business professionals.

This makes furthering your education and diversifying your business skillset all the more important. With expertise in a wide variety of business concepts, you will not only be well suited for many job roles, you will also be in demand by the employer of your choosing.

Industry Insights

8 %

Job growth


Average business manager salary

Career Opportunities

Project Manager
Social Media Coordinator
Data Analyst

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