Turn that New Idea into Well-Developed Planning for Successful Classroom or School Site Improvement

A teacher taking Implementation Planning Series courses preparing for future lesson plan at her computerThese courses are designed to encourage K-12 educators who attend a conference, workshop, read a book, watch an online resource, or have an original idea, to plan an effective classroom lesson or unit or plan to implement a school site improvement. Take the time to thoughtfully plan and prepare your implementation and earn credit for doing so. Each teacher will select, with administrative concurrence, a project that will take at least 25 out-of-class hours to prepare.

NOTE:  The University will be sunsetting this program on June 30, 2022.  Enroll now through that date and take up to 9 months to complete coursework.

Who Should Attend

These courses are for K-12 educators looking to earn credit for time spent on planning for the successful implementation of a new idea to enhance student learning and/or school improvement.

Program Details

Enroll in one or more courses in this series. Begin with EDU-X790K course.

With administrative approval, the course can be taken more than once by using a different idea for project implementation each time. Enroll in the next course in the series each time (i.e. Implementation Planning I, Implementation Planning II, Implementation Planning III...). Even though more than 25 hours may be spent in the planning of one implementation idea, multiple units are unavailable for any one course.

  • Discover a new idea, material, curriculum or technique that can be used in the classroom to promote classroom/school improvement
  • Become motivated to incorporate new ideas
  • Plan and prepare for a new approach in your classroom and/or school site
"Loved this course! I appreciate the fact that this course allows me the opportunity to use real curriculum that I use and make updates and changes which result in a new curriculum that can be used in my classroom in future units. Very useful course!!" -- K. Cutler, Educator, Taipei American School

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