Education FAQs

What are the skills required of a leader in education?

Educational leaders should possess the following traits:

    1. They understand the importance of building community
    2. They empower teachers and cultivate leadership skills
    3. They utilize data and resources
    4. They have a vision and a plan
    5. They create collaborative, inclusive learning environments
    6. They are passionate about their work
    7. They encourage risk-taking
    8. They lead by example
    9. They persevere
    10. They are lifelong learners

What is a teacher leader?

Teacher leaders are those who have “significant teaching experience, are known to be excellent educators, and are respected by their peers.”

What is teacher leadership?

Educational leadership, or teacher leadership, is when teachers go “beyond their classroom responsibilities and assume informal and formal roles within the school to influence and enhance instruction and learning for all students. Teachers who hold the professional identity as an educator who demonstrate leadership within the classroom, school, community and beyond, either through formal or informal roles.”

How can I design a classroom for students with special needs?

Special needs” encompasses such a wide range of student abilities and challenges that no one space can accommodate all physical or behavioral needs. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that all public school classrooms must be ADA compliant, meaning that they must be accessible to wheelchair users and that teachers must make reasonable accommodations when it comes to technology tools. In general, best practices for classroom design apply to students of all abilities, such as minimizing distractions, making the space safe and comfortable, ensuring every student has access to the tools they need, and that the layout supports both independent and collaborative work.

How can I design my classroom on a budget?

Designing or redesigning your classroom does not require expensive materials or upgrades. Big box stores like Walmart and Target sell attractive, affordable classroom organization solutions, and Pinterest features hundreds of thousands of ideas for designing a classroom on a budget.

What if I need help enrolling in a course, or I need more information on a course?

If you experience issues enrolling, or have questions, complete our Contact Us Form or call our Enrollment and Student Services team between 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (PST), M-F, at (619) 260-4585 or toll free at (888) 321-6658.

How do I request an Official Transcript?

Transcripts can be ordered online via your student account. For more detailed information, please visit the Student Transcript Request Page

What type of credit am I earning?

The credit earned is considered Graduate Level Extension Credit, in semester hours (1 semester hour= 15 contact hours). The credit earned is usually used for salary advancement, credential renewing and/or recertification. Graduate Level Extension credit is not usually transferrable towards a degree. Prior district approval is highly recommended and the responsibility of the student if using the units towards salary advancement, credential renewing and/or recertification.

I need more time to finish my Self-Paced course, what do I do?

Independent Study Self-Paced courses – USD allows 9 months from the date of registration to complete an independent study formatted course and submit all completed course work for evaluation.

Online Self-Paced courses – USD allows 6 months from the date of registration to complete an online self-paced formatted course and submit all assignments for evaluation within this period

If you need additional time and would like to make an extension request, contact us prior to your upcoming deadline at or call between 8:30AM – 5:00PM (PST), M-F, at (619)260-4585 or toll free at (888)321-6658 for a one-time extension. If an extension is granted, it is final.

Classroom, Online Fixed-Date, and Credit Validation formatted courses do not allow for any additional time to complete assignments.

Where can I get directions to my course classroom?

The address for classroom courses are provided at the section level detail on the course page. Once you know the address, we recommend you use Google Maps. Otherwise please contact the ESS during business hours of 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (PST), M-F, at (619) 260-4585 or toll free at (888) 321-6658.

What are your registration/drop/refund policies?

Click here for complete details regarding our refund, drop and transfer policies

How can I receive a receipt for tax purposes?

A payment confirmation is automatically sent via email once you have registered and paid for a course through the website, please save these receipts for tax purposes. In addition, you can access receipts in your Student Account, Account History.

Can I be notified when a course section opens for enrollment?

Yes, on the course page, click on Request Information and you will be notified by email when enrollment is open for the course or you can complete the Course Inquiry form