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Final Chance to Earn Your Lean Six Sigma Certification – Program Starts 10/3/2022


The University of San Diego’s Professional and Continuing Education business courses and certificate programs provide you with the insight and tools needed to sustain an edge in your current field or branch out in a new direction.

From business development, real estate and entrepreneurship to marketing, management and more, we offer high-quality business courses, programs and workshops with cutting-edge curriculum designed to enhance your professional development and help you excel in your chosen career.

Explore Courses and Programs

Our business certificate programs are well suited for anyone who wishes to pursue a business career, including recent graduates, new and seasoned professionals, as well as those looking to make a career change. Professionals seeking to level up their skills in such fields as project management, digital marketing, leadership, nonprofit management, commercial real estate and more undertake this coursework to advance their careers and make new network contacts.

Earn a Certificate

Learn Product Management at the University of San Diego’s Product Management Bootcamp which provides … skills for working professionals, career changers, and recent graduates in as little as 24 weeks.

Online DevOps Certificate program for career changers, those who are looking to upskill or expand their skill set to include DevOps, and those working in software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) looking to validate their current role with a professional certificate.

Boost your ability to help organizations do good by earning your Nonprofit Management Certificate online from the University of San Diego’s Nonprofit Institute.

This eight-unity professional development online course fulfills the requirements for Unity Development Bootcamp certificate offered by the University of San Diego.

Technology Sales: Cyber, Cloud, SAAS, & Consulting program that provides online training for technology sales professionals

Our courses are ideal for anyone seeking to gain knowledge, new skills and leadership acumen in a wide range of in-demand career fields. And with a variety of courses across a range of relevant business topics, there’s a course waiting for you!

Take a Course (or Several)

2 Units
Online Fixed-Date
1 Unit
Online Fixed-Date

Explore a series of courses covering in-depth expertise in single subject areas. Similar to our business certificates, you will gain knowledge and develop key skills needed in the rapidly changing business environment.

This 12-week continuing education program is intended for professionals seeking to expand digital marketing skills. Students will obtain the analytical tools to increase brand awareness, sales, and online customer engagement through content creation strategy.

Who are these programs for?

Our diverse business program offerings are ideal for anyone who wishes to pursue or advance a career in business, including recent graduates, seasoned professionals and anyone considering a career change. Motivations may include learning new skills, positioning yourself for new opportunities and potential salary increases, networking, honing your leadership acumen, and more. Our programs are thoughtfully tailored to benefit aspiring or seasoned professionals who are interested in such topics as:

  • Project management
  • Real Estate
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data analytics
  • Salesforce administration
  • Business ethics
  • Cannabis entrepreneurship
  • Property management
  • Website analytics
  • SEO and website optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Business development
  • Social media marketing
  • Workplace problem solving
  • Communication skills
  • Construction project management
  • Real estate investing

Features & Formats

The top reasons so many career-minded professionals enroll in our business programs include:

  • Continuing your education at a nationally ranked university with proven programs and cutting-edge curriculum.
  • Positioning yourself for potential salary increases by expanding your knowledge and skills in in-demand business disciplines.
  • Gaining the insights and tools needed to become more effective in your current field or branch out in a new direction.
  • Strengthening your resume by listing academic achievements that make you a more attractive candidate to potential employers.
  • Learning from expert business faculty members who are also experienced, real-world practitioners.
  • Benefiting from small class sizes that offer personalized instruction and superior support to enhance learning.
  • Augmenting your professional growth by engaging in valuable networking opportunities with faculty and fellow students.
  • Signing up for convenient and flexible program schedules, with no application requirement.
  • Completing a career-building business certificate in less time than it typically takes to earn a graduate degree

Available Formats

The University of San Diego offers high-quality online and on-campus courses and programs geared to lifelong learning, professional growth and career advancement in a number of different formats


These on-campus courses are offered in a traditional classroom where you can connect with your instructor and classmates in a live setting. This learning environment facilitates communication in real time, enables immediate feedback and fosters face-to-face interaction with the instructor and classmates. Classroom courses have a scheduled start and finish date, and students are expected to attend all course sessions.

Online Fixed-Date

Online Fixed-Date: Online fixed-date courses offer a convenient, yet rigorous style of learning that enables you to collaborate with your instructor and other students in a shared, online learning environment. These courses have fixed start and finish dates, but as an online student you will have 24/7 online access to your classroom assignments, syllabus and course resources. Our online fixed-date courses allow you to work on your assignments anytime, although you are required to complete the assignments by specific dates.

How is the learning structured? In an online fixed-date course, you and your classmates will proceed through the curriculum together, collaborating in a shared learning experience. Each online fixed-date course is asynchronous, meaning that you can work on your assignments anytime, although required to complete the assignments by specific dates. The course is designed with seven learning modules where all of the content is grouped into weekly assignments. Each module covers one or more topics. Within each of the learning modules, you can expect the following components:

  • Module introduction that outlines what you can expect to learn in the module.
  • Required readings (textbook, articles, journals, etc.) and presentations (audio and/or video).
  • Assignments with due dates (which may include: written assignments, journal entries, research, blogs, etc.) based on the readings and presentations.
  • Discussion forum where you answer prompts from the instructor and interact with your classmates.
  • Module conclusion to review the topics and what you should have learned.
  • Typically, there is a final project, paper, or exam due in the last module that culminates all of the topics covered in each of the learning modules. You’ll find that the design of the learning modules has a rhythm to help you manage your time in the course.

Online Self-Paced

Our online self-paced courses are similar to online fixed-date courses, but are designed to give you a six-month period from time of enrollment to complete all assignments. Like fixed-date courses, online self-paced courses are asynchronous, meaning that you can work on your assignments anytime; the difference being there are no assigned due dates in self-paced courses. Your instructor will provide feedback via written responses on your assignments and exams. Grades are based on completed projects, assignments and exams.

How is the self-paced course structured? Like fixed-date courses, online self-paced courses are asynchronous meaning that you can work on your assignments anytime; the difference being there are no assigned due dates in self-paced courses. The content is divided into three or seven learning modules. Each module will cover one or more topics. Within each of the learning modules, you can expect the following components:

  • Module introduction that outlines what you can expect to learn in the module.
  • Required readings (textbook, articles, journals, websites, etc.) and presentations (audio and/or video).
  • Assignments (which may include: written assignments, quizzes, blogs, etc.) based on the readings and presentations.
  • Module conclusion to review the topics and what you should have learned.
  • Typically, there is a final project, paper, or exam due in the last module that culminates all of the topics covered in each of the learning modules. You’ll find that the design of the learning modules has a rhythm to help you manage your time in the course.

What our students say

The Project Management class was extremely informative and allowed me to apply what I learned to my profession. I attribute the majority of my positive experience to my instructor, Mr Malachi Walker. The class was very fun and interactive.

The Strategic Online Marketing Certificate program at USD is essential for any business owner or marketing professional. The instructors are all top-notch, experienced marketers with a wealth of knowledge to share. Online marketing strategies and opportunities are presented in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Strategies that I deployed in my own business produced immediate, measurable results. I highly recommend this program for anyone that wants to step up their marketing game.

The Course content is engaging and the coursework very manageable. The instructors skillfully engage all participants through the discussion groups and later provide thoughtful feedback on assignments and projects. I highly recommend this program to anyone involved with nonprofits in ANY capacity. You will be inspired to continue and expand your involvement as you embark on this journey of personal growth. Another plus? This program is AFFORDABLE!

I have really enjoyed this online program. The content has been relevant to my work and an area I want to continue to improve in the future.

My experience was no different or better online than if I had gone to a physical class. The teaching was excellent. The instructors had strong background and experience. They went the extra mile to answer questions and to help my learning.

Expert Faculty Instructors

The business faculty members at the University of San Diego’s Division Professional & Continuing Education possess a depth and breadth of academic and real-world professional experience. USD PCE faculty attributes and benefits include:

  • Experienced instructor-practitioners
  • Instructors who are engaged and accessible
  • Small class sizes with personalized attention
  • Opportunities for professional networking
  • Faculty connections/industry contacts
  • Passion for teaching and lifelong learning
  • Skilled educators who are invested in your success

Is USD Right for Me?

USD’s widely respected Division of Professional & Continuing Education is dedicated to connecting students with high-quality courses and certificate programs.

If you are passionate about lifelong learning or if you are seeking educational opportunities to gain specific knowledge and skills for personal or career advancement reasons, then (yes!) the University of San Diego is right for you.

Informative Stats and Facts


USD has been crafting high-quality curriculum for over 70 years


Number of students who have enhanced their career


Majority of courses are offered in flexible and convenient formats


Whether you’re an entry-level employee or a seasoned professional, these helpful business career tips and strategies will boost your chances for long-term success.

Top 32 tips to stay on the cutting edge in your business career ebook cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the continuing education courses transferable to a Master degree program?

Unfortunately most of our courses do not count towards a degree, unless otherwise stated on the course website page. Credit earned in some of our courses may be accepted by some universities as applicable towards a degree but that would be at the discretion of the university.

Can the Division of Professional and Continuing Education help in the process of issuing the Student Int’l Visa (F1)?

Certificate programs offered through the Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) at the University of San Diego, are not supported with I-20 assistance (student visas) at this moment. However, PCE’s English Language Academy (ELA) offers I-20 assistance and students who are participating in ELA programs may also participate in other PCE programs. For additional information, please call 1 619-260-8887.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree program with the University of San Diego, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions can issue a Form I-20 to international students who have been accepted to degree program at the University. The application procedures, deadlines, and the Admissions Office contact information can be found on USD’s Undergraduate Admissions page.

What are the options regarding housing for the students that are coming from outside San Diego?

On-campus housing is subject to availability, for information please contact Residential Life at

USD is located 5 minutes from Hotel Circle which offers a variety of hotels/motels with varying price points to fit different budgets. There are also apartment options close to campus; for information about these options, please click here.

How long do I have to complete the Certificate?

You have five years to complete the certificate.

What if I can’t complete a course?

An Incomplete (INC) grade is available in some circumstances. The instructor makes the final determination of acceptance of assigning an incomplete grade based on the level of work already completed and the amount of assignments remaining. (Policies)

To receive an ‘INC’ grade, students must complete a Petition for Incomplete and forward it to PCE. PCE will then forward the Petition to the instructor for approval. If coursework is not completed in the agreed extension period, a final grade is assigned, all ‘INC’ grades convert to ‘F’ grades or ‘NG’ (No Grade). (Petition)

Is there an application or admission requirement?

No application is required. Unless otherwise listed within the program specific information, there are no admissions requirements.

Can I expect to receive an enrollment confirmation?

Yes, you will receive an email detailing the courses and their dates, times, and location, as well as directions to the classroom and other necessary information.

How much are courses?

Check the course section for current tuition fees.

Do you offer discounts?

No, unless otherwise noted.

How can I pay for the courses?

You may pay online with a credit card (we accept MasterCard and Visa) or call Enrollment and Student Services during business hours at 1 619-260-4585. Registrations must be paid in full prior to the first day of course.

What if I have to drop a course?

Students who need to drop a course due to extenuating circumstances may receive a refund, if the request is received prior to the first day or start date of the course. The refund of the course fee will be returned less a processing fee of 10% or $50, whichever is higher. There are no refunds once the course begins. Learn about our registration policies here. A full refund is provided if PCE cancels a course.

Can I transfer in courses to certificate programs from other colleges and universities?

Only University of San Diego courses count towards receiving the certificate from USD.

What if I can’t get into a course because it is full?

Prospective students can request to be placed on a waitlist. Should a space open up in a course, those on the waitlist will be notified. We encourage you to register early for courses.

Do you offer job placement services?


When do I become an alumni of a Program? Once I become part of a program, do I get any discount on courses?

Alumni are students who have successfully completed all the requirements of a certificate program. Find out more here.

What associations or organization would you recommend me to join?

Please contact your Program Coordinator for a list of associations related to the program you are taking.


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