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Become a Skillful Nonprofit Leader and Make a Greater Difference

Improve your management skills to successfully lead a nonprofit organization with this in-depth eight course program from the University of San Diego. Each professional and continuing education (USD PCE) course is designed to build critical and practical skills for nonprofit management.

“We are all working for the public good, whether that is through education, public policy, social service … to create a world where individuals have lives that are imbued with dignity, purpose, and hope … given our new knowledge and experience at USD, the possibilities of what we can accomplish collectively are infinite.“

Catherine K. Nonprofit Management Certificate ‘13 (middle front row of graduates)

It takes a strong leader to run a nonprofit organization. If your passion has led you to leading a nonprofit organization you need professional training and development to support your organization’s sustainability and growth. This program thoroughly examines what you need to know:

  • Financial Management
  • Fundraising & Grant Writing
  • Board Development
  • Staff & Volunteer Management
  • Program Evaluation
  • Risk Management

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Why enroll in a certificate program?

Learner Outcomes

  • Increase your current management and leadership abilities in the nonprofit sector or enhance your candidacy for that management role
  • Improve your ability to champion a cause and increase campaign success
  • Make a positive impact in the community and at your nonprofit organization
  • Influence all levels of government with critical and practical application of lobbying and advocacy, and gain a broad knowledge of legislative lobbying law and the political system

Who Should Attend

Experienced and new nonprofit sector employees, professionals transitioning to the nonprofit sector, current or prospective board members, or potential or veteran volunteers will benefit from this research-based program of study.

Course Format



USD faculty and experienced practitioners in the nonprofit sector provide a stimulating and participative learning environment. Your instructors in this certificate program are:

  • Highly-regarded faculty from USD’s Institute of Nonprofit Education and Research
  • Renown practitioner faculty who are leaders in the fields of health care, arts administration, human services, finance, organizational development and community organizing



Enroll in individual courses, or complete all 5 core courses and 3 elective courses to earn a professional certificate. Courses are 12.5 (1 unit) instructional hours, are scheduled in 4 class meetings of 3 hours and 10 minutes each class and can be completed in one month. The entire certificate program can be completed in two semesters.

  Core Courses (5 units) 
Minimum Required:  5  Course(s)
    MGT-X800   Overview of the Nonprofit Sector
    MGT-X801   Introduction to Fundraising
    MGT-X803   Introduction to Nonprofit Financial Management
    MGT-X806   Developing Effective Nonprofit Boards
    MGT-X807   Fundamentals of Program Evaluation
  Electives (3 Units) 
Minimum Required:  3  Course(s)
    MGT-X804   Attracting and Retaining the New Volunteer Workforce for Today's Nonprofit Organizations
    MGT-X805   Marketing Matters: Branding, Public Relations and Messaging Strategies to Improve Nonprofits Bottom Line
    MGT-X802   Managing Today's Nonprofit Teams Through Effective Risk Management
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