Sillouette of STEAM student with STEAM related icons entering student's mindThe Benefits of STEAM & How to Get Your STEAM Certificate Online

Take an individual course or work toward earning a certificate with multiple courses!

The University of San Diego Professional and Continuing Education online STEAM certificate program will equip you with the skill set and tools needed to increase student learning propelled by creativity and innovation. Learn how integrating equitable technology into your curriculum can enhance the desired outcomes of your STEAM teaching. Social Emotional Learning and Universal Design Learning in the STEAM curriculum is explored to ensure successful learning for all. Due to the course’s online learning environment, this program provides opportunities for immediate classroom application.

STEAM Online Certificate Programs — Quick Facts

  • Program Duration: Each course can be completed within 6 months of enrollment, and the entire certificate can be completed in as little as two terms or six months.
  • Time Commitment:  Each course is two units. Overall, a minimum of 25 hours per course will be spent learning and completing assignments. 
  • Enrollment & Application: There is no application required and no specific enrollment date — educators can enroll in the online STEAM certificate course at any time. 
  • Course Requirements: Learning will consist of online streaming of audio and video, downloading embedded materials, and periodic assigned readings from the required textbook, if applicable. Assignments will be submitted for most learning modules and include a final project.  Your instructor will provide feedback via written responses to your assignments as you move through the course.  
  • Class Format: All STEAM online certificate courses are online, self-paced (OSP). 
  • Admission Requirements: There are no admission requirements other than purchasing the course and the subsequent certificate fee for proof of certification.  All course participants should already be educators.

Career Pathways

With a STEAM certificate, the possibilities are endless. Some potential career pathways for certified educators include: 

  • STEAM Teacher 
  • Makerspace Educator 
  • After-School Curriculum Coordinator
  • Technology Educator
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Engineering Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between STEM & STEAM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEAM takes STEM to the next level by adding Arts — liberal, social, manual, physical and fine arts — to the framework for integrated instruction.

Can you explain the advancements in new core concepts with STEM over STEAM?

The primary difference and advantage is that STEAM incorporates Arts considerations into the curriculum. This allows for broader subject study and more diversified learning opportunities for students.

Are there particular certificate requirements?

Participants must complete the four required STEAM certificate courses with a grade of a ”C” or better in each course, and attain an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher to earn a certificate in STEAM.

Schedule & Fees

Course # Required Courses (8 Units) Duration SP SU FA Fees*
EDU-X712R STEAM: Supporting Creativity for Innovation
(2 units)
up to 6 months OSP OSP OSP $307
EDU-X713R Designing Effective STEAM Curriculum with Equitable Technology Integration
(2 units)
up to 6 months OSP OSP OSP $307
EDU-X714R Social Emotional Learning in the STEAM Classroom
(2 units)
up to 6 months OSP OSP OSP $307
EDU-X715R Universal Design for Learning in the STEAM Classroom
(2 units)
up to 6 months OSP OSP OSP $307
One Time Certificate Fee $45
Total Certificate Cost (4 courses) $1,273
C = Classroom; OFD = Online Fixed-Date; OSP = Online Self-Paced; IS = Independent Study Self-Paced
*Schedule and Fees are subject to change.


Who Should Attend?

Our online STEAM certificate courses provide continuing education for elementary and secondary educators, as well as other school professionals who want to be informed on STEAM teaching.

Program Details

The goal of STEAM is simple: to engage learners in real-world, relevant problem solving that requires a high level of disciplined integration.

Certificate Requirements

Complete the requirements below to earn a professional certificate in STEAM Teaching for Tomorrow's Innovators. The certificate can be completed in as few as six weeks. Learn more about the University of San Diego’s Professional and Continuing Education Certificate Benefits and Policies.

  • Complete 4 core courses, EDU-X712R, EDU-X713R, EDU-X714R and EDU-X715R (8 units)


Enroll in one or more courses to earn graduate-level extension credits. You can expect the following from Online Self-Paced courses:

  • You can go online when convenient, completing courses within six months or sooner of enrollment.
  • As long as you have access to the Internet (and any text book requirements stated, if applicable), you can complete assignments.
  • You'll read articles and watch videos, and interact with resources provided within the course.
  • Completed assignments are submitted and then evaluated by an assigned instructor.
  • Instructor interaction and feedback are provided between assignments.

Learner Outcomes

  • Identify what creativity is and how the curriculum that is delivered allows for students to create deliverables that allow choice and innovation.
  • Design multiple lessons around equitable technology integration.
  • Create curriculum that is mindful of the Social Emotional needs of all students in the STEAM classroom.
  • Build an environment in the classroom that enables all students to view the subject matter through the lens of a Universal Design for Learning.

Is STEAM Right for Me? 

The online STEAM Certificate Program is designed for experienced teachers who seek to become a designer of learning and enhance their skills as an educator. In today’s education landscape, STEAM certification is a wise choice for teachers across all disciplines. While weighing the options, we advise educators to consider an online STEAM certificate if:

  • You’re a practicing teacher with experience across a wide variety of classroom settings, including public, charter, independent, or non-traditional schools.
  • You’re looking to boost your confidence in teaching STEAM subjects.
  • You’d love for your students to participate in more hands-on, creative projects.
  • You believe in the value of integrating arts into STEM and want to advocate for STEAM.

Still unsure? We know we offer a lot of programs! Let’s talk more about your professional and personal goals.

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