Physical Education – Literacy and Skills-Based Instructional Planning & Practices for 21st Century

3 Units
Credit Validation

Course Description

Credit Validation for DoDEA Educators Only

This three-hour graduate credit course will focus on the conceptual understanding and practical implementation of the SHAPE America Skills-Based Standards and Grade Level Outcomes for all students by integrating DoDEA approved curriculum resources and literacy strategies and tools, including CASEL social-emotional learning competencies and EDI interventions.

  • Component One – Establish a Foundation: Create a safe, supportive, and differentiated learning environment, as measured by the LWT, that produces ongoing mutual respect and trust while creating an intentional relationship with and among students. Analyze Crosswalk of standards/grade level outcomes and SEL competencies. Embedding data and evidence-based lesson planning practices.
  • Component Two – Develop Formative Assessments and Provide Impactful Feedback: The ability to provide targeted, specific and actionable feedback that will ensure students are growing in SEL competencies and capacity as well as Physical Literacy skills. Including Digital Tools for local common formative assessments.
  • Component Three – Literacy and Discourse: Purposeful lesson planning that facilitates the ability of students to speak, listen, observe and inquire and perform in order to facilitate thoughtful dialogue and fully understand and accomplish the learning expectations.
  • Component Four – Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Improve educational experiences and outcomes for students that have historically been underserved and underrepresented in the field of health and physical education.

Course Details

Number of Units: 3.0 graduate level extension credit(s) in semester hours

Who Should Attend: This course provides continuing education for DoDEA educators.



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What You Will Learn

  • Describe the relationship between physical literacy, the physical education standards, and student learning as well as align assessment and instruction to standards
  • Learn how to use a blended learning approach to teach skills, knowledge and confidence for a lifetime of physical activity
  • Create balanced kinetic/academic lesson plans in a scope and sequence to increase time for physical activity and ignites student engagement and to use technology to teach physical education without having to teach technology
  • Learn and discuss strategies to create a safe environment in the Physical Education setting through SEL, EDI, and trauma-informed practices
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues on their best practices and new learning, work through the professional learning cycle of safe practice, observe colleagues, receive feedback, and have peer discussions about the challenges and successes of implementing new best practices for student engagement, empowerment, and education
  • Attend live sessions, engage in group discussions, and complete independent and team collaboration. They will record practice instructional sessions which will receive feedback and critique from the class facilitation team


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