Infusing Art in the 21st Century Classroom Series

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Bring Art Back into the Classroom

The Infusing Art in the 21st Century Classroom Series courses are designed to give K-12 educators a knowledge base and appreciation for the visual arts.  Budget cuts, the intense focus on standardized testing, and the concentrated attention to Math, Science, and English Language Arts have minimized art inclusion in the classroom. This series promotes 21st Century learning skills that promote enhancing creativity, increasing self-confidence, promoting collaboration, and offers alternative ways in assessing learning. These courses prepare educators with the confidence and practice to infuse strategies into curriculum, no matter what level of artistic talent. Courses cover a variety of topics including elements of art, art history, artist styles, and specific art mediums. Choose the area that interests you and begin your creative exploration!

Schedule & Fees

Courses – Enroll in One or More

Course Date Units Price
Infusing Art in the 21st Century Classroom – Printmaking without a Press: Block Printing [EDU-X743K] Start now, you have 180 days to complete this course once enrolled 2 $307
Start now, you have 180 days to complete this course once enrolled
Online Self-Paced
Chad Ritzer

Through the experience, students will explore the Common Core and ways that these standards can be integrated into printmaking lessons

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Infusing Art in the 21st Century Classroom – Elements of Art for the K-5 Classroom [EDU-X737L] Start now, you have 270 days to complete this course once enrolled 3 $376
Start now, you have 270 days to complete this course once enrolled
Independent Study
CJ Moloney

Infusing Art in the 21st Century Classroom – Elements of Art for the K-5 Classroom is a 3-unit independent study course for teachers

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Infusing Art in the 21st Century Classroom: Non-Western Art for the K-12 Classroom [EDU-X797L] See Course Options 3 $376
See Course Options
Independent Study
CJ Moloney

Independent Study 3-Unit Art Course for Educators wanting to incorporate art into the 21st Century Classroom

Art, Development, and Identity for Educators [EDU-X768L] Start now, you have 270 days to complete this course once enrolled 3 $376
Start now, you have 270 days to complete this course once enrolled
Independent Study
CJ Moloney

Art and Identity Development for Educators is a 3-unit independent study course for teachers regarding teacher wellness

Once you have enrolled in this course, you may access Course Instructions upon logging into your account.

Learning Method Information

Online Self-Paced

Our online self-paced courses are similar to online fixed-date courses, but are designed to give you a six-month period from time of enrollment to complete all assignments. Your instructor will provide feedback via written responses on your assignments and exams. Grades are based on completed projects, assignments and exams.

How is the self-paced course structured? Like fixed-date courses, online self-paced courses are asynchronous meaning that you can work on your assignments anytime; the difference being there are no assigned due dates in self-paced courses. The content is divided into learning modules. Each module will cover one or more topics. Within each of the learning modules, you can expect the following components:

  • Module introduction that outlines what you can expect to learn in the module.
  • Required readings (textbook, articles, journals, websites, etc.) and presentations (audio and/or video).
  • Assignments (which may include: written assignments, quizzes, blogs, etc.) based on the readings and presentations.
  • Module conclusion to review the topics and what you should have learned.
  • Typically, there is a final project, paper, or exam due in the last module that culminates all of the topics covered in each of the learning modules. You’ll find that the design of the learning modules has a rhythm to help you manage your time in the course.

Independent Study

Independent Study Self-Paced: Independent study courses offer you flexibility and the ability to complete a course faster or slower than you would a traditional live course. In this online format, you may register at any time and you will have a set time period (typically 9 months) from the time of registration to complete your course. This convenient format is often helpful for:

  • Working professionals with tight schedules
  • Students who require a specific course to meet professional development or recertification requirements
  • Students living in remote locations
  • Students who cannot easily attend courses due to injury or illness
  • Students who are self-motivated and conscientious


Enroll in one or more courses in this series.

You can expect the following from these Independent Study Self-Paced courses:

You can expect the following from the Online Self-Paced courses in this series:

What You Will Learn

Who Should Attend

These courses are intended for Grade K-12 teachers looking to foster a deeper appreciation for art, and instill the same in their students, while making Common Core State Standards connections. Visual art educators and non-visual art educators will benefit from these courses.

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