Art, Development, and Identity for Educators

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3 Units
Independent Study

Course Description

Become More Present and Productive in the Classroom with Self-Identity Awareness

Art, Development, and Identity for Educators is designed to inspire the classroom teacher to honor themselves, their field, and their students with activities and readings that address individual development and reflection.  Each module is inspired by Maslow's hierarchy of needs (physiological, security, love, self esteem, cognitive, aesthetic, self actualization) and uses different art forms (visual, performance, music, dance, poetry, writing) as informative material.  By working up the pyramid, the educator is asked to participate in several identity exercises.  In this process, one's well-being is the priority.  The objective is to achieve balance in all the areas of life--making for happier, more productive, and wise educators.

Course Details

Number of Units: 3.0 graduate level extension credit(s) in semester hours

Who Should Attend: This course provides continuing education for teachers (Grades K-12) who want to become more aware of themselves and their emotions (their identity) to be more present and productive in the classroom to model health and well-being for their students.  Other school personnel, such as counselors, coaches and school nurses will benefit from this course.

Course Materials:

  • Text, A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science and Spirituality by Ken Wilber available at your local bookstore or online at
  • Art supplies for assigned art projects can be found in the classroom, at home, or at your nearest art supply store (paint, paper, pen, scissors, pastels/charcoal, markers, crayons, etc.)
  • Access to a digital camera or camera phone to create certain art assignments and to include photo images of other completed course assignments
  • Access to the Internet to access video clips and to upload your completed work

Technical Requirements

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IS/Art, Development, and Identity for Educators

Start now, you have 270 days to complete this course once enrolled

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Independent Study
CJ Moloney

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What You Will Learn

  • Explore self and identity as it relates to educators
  • Develop mindful awareness principles and approaches that will strengthen the classroom teacher's skills to respond to their own stress and challenges
  • Access healthy ways to self-regulate and maintain inner balance, and then transfer these skills to students and the classroom environment
  • Understand the relationship between personal beliefs/perspectives and wellness, and how these levels impact quality of life
  • Identify and implement strategies to improve wellness
  • Recognize development theories through interaction with a variety of material and resources
  • Appreciate various art forms presented within the course and relate them to development theory


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The book ‘theory of everything’ is rather outdated. Stephen Covey fits better with the curriculum.