Support Services

Ten Assurances to You for Superior Support Services

As a student in Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) at the University of San Diego, you can count on three levels of superior support.

Instructional Support

Your instructors will create quality learning experiences in all courses. Instructors are:

  1. Knowledgeable practitioners with the essential credentials for the courses they develop and teach.
  2. Available to questions before and after classroom instruction and within 24 hours for online courses.
  3. Responsive with grading and feedback on all assignments within one week; and complete final grades within two weeks.

Program Coordinators, Managers, and Directors Support

Your Program Coordinators, Managers, and Directors provide a full team of administrative support on schedules, enrollment, transcripts, refunds, transfers and other non-academic support.

This team will:

  1. Know all about the programs and courses they manage.
  2. Be accessible and responsive to your calls and email; immediately during working hours, and as a priority the next business day if received after hours.
  3. Make your requests a priority and fulfill them efficiently.
  4. Listen to your problems and find an effective resolution.
  5. Anticipate typical inquiries and have developed helpful tips and solutions to make things easier for you.
  6. Take the time to answer any and all questions until you are satisfied.

Technical Support

Online learners have responsive and effective technical support access during regular business hours, M-F 8:30am – 5pm PST.

Helpdesk support; if you are taking an online course.