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Thank you for your interest in the Educational Innovation Certificate program. This program is currently on hold due to circumstances related to COVID-19; however, if you would like to be placed on an informational list for future updates, please email our Career Program Advisor, Karly Wilson at More information about this program and other opportunities will be available soon at the Jacobs Institute website.

Facilitated by the Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education, a research and development institute powering K-20 inclusive innovation, this professional certificate program is among the first of its kind. We engage with a global population of formal and informal education professionals who are interested in the innovator and edupreneurial dynamic to build the future of learning. Designed to take you to the next level in your career, this high-touch program engages you with experts in the industry to give you the skills, knowledge and network to get you from where you are today to where you want to be.

This program is designed for professionals seeking to expand opportunities in three emerging career pathways in the exciting domain of educational innovation.

Career Pathways include:

1.  Learning Experience (LX) Design & Emerging Technology
2.  Educational Innovation Leadership
3.  Edupreneurship

With the support of your career program advisor, participants are able to choose from a unique blend of coursework to meet their career and business goals, learning from leading educational innovators and entrepreneurs from around the globe.

  • Fully online and blended options at the beautiful University of San Diego campus
  • 4-course requirement, emphasizing learning experiences over exams. Up to three academic elective units in this program may be waived with other related professional learning experiences, pending review and approval.
  • Optional membership to the Educational Innovators Network (EIN), includes discounts to Jacobs Institute sponsored events
  • Internships, Fellowships, and Scholarships are available

Take an individual course or work toward earning a certificate with multiple courses!

Who Should Attend

This program is designed to support professionals seeking to advance to the next level in their careers. Working with our Career Program Advisor, we will identify your preferred career pathway, talents and interests, and then build on your skills, knowledge and network to achieve your career goals.

Certificate Prerequisites

  • Required phone interview with Career Program Advisor, Karly Wilson at (619)260-4510, prior to enrollment, to determine:
    • Is this program right for me?
    • Which Career Pathway is best for me to pursue?
    • Financial options for scholarships and fellowships
  • Join the Educational Innovators Network
  • A minimum of 1-2 years experience in education or edtech industry educational organization
  • Bachelor's degree
  • English proficiency

Educational Innovation Certificate Informational Sessions


None scheduled at this time.

Schedule & Fees

Membership Required for Certificate Membership
Educational Innovators Network (EIN) Membership and includes Certificate fee ($45 value)   $250
CORE Course # Required Core Course (3 units) Duration


Course Fee

Educational Innovation Academy
(3 units)

5 weeks





Course #s

Elective Courses (choose three for 9 units) Duration






Course Fee
EDU-X756R Educational Leadership & Innovation for the 21st Century
(3 units)
6 weeks



OFD $750
EDU-X758R Purposeful Play for Educational Leaders
(3 units)
6 weeks   OFD   $750
EDU-X759R The Business of Education Technology: Understanding a Highly Unique Market
(3 units)

6 weeks




Online Teaching Strategies
(3 units)

6 weeks





Learner-Centered Innovation
(3 units)

6 weeks





The Innovator's Mindset
(3 units)

6 weeks





Certificate Fee

with EIN Membership ($45 value)

 Total Certificate Cost (4 courses and EIN Membership)

with EIN

More Electives Added Throughout the Year.
For more information on additional elective options, contact our Career Program Advisor, Karly Wilson, 619-260-4510.

C = Classroom; OFD = Online Fixed-Date; OSP = Online Self-Paced; IS = Independent Study Self-Paced; Blended = Combination of Two Formats  *Schedule and fees subject to change

Program Details

Complete the requirements below to earn a professional certificate in Educational Innovation. The certificate can be completed in as few as six months. Read Certificate Benefits and Policy.

  • Complete 12 units of approved coursework, including:
    • Required core course EDU-X757R, Ed Innovation Academy (3.0 units)
    • Three elective courses offered in this certificate program (9.0 units)
  • Up to 3.0 units of elective course requirements can be waived toward this program for related professional learning experiences, including LinkedIn Learning, pending review and approval. Contact our Career Program Advisor for more information.

Enroll in one or more courses to earn graduate level extension credits toward certificate. You can expect the following from courses in this program:

  • Access classes online when convenient
  • Articles, videos, and other resources will be provided within the course
  • Courses are pass/fail, with the option of letter grades (see FAQs)
  • Instructor interaction and feedback are provided throughout courses
  • Understand how creativity serves as the foundation for educational innovation
  • Define and develop an innovator's mind-set
  • Identify career pathways in the area of educational innovation
  • Build a network with professionals in career pathway
  • Develop and/or strengthen skills needed to make a career shift towards educational innovation
  • Get on-the-job experience in Ed Innovation
  • Preparation, mentoring and guidance to find your next career


The Career Program Advisor can provide more information.

Jacobs Fellows

The Jacobs Institute offers a limited number of fellowships to highly qualified candidates each semester. Jacobs Fellows work with institute designers and researchers on our innovation research and development initiatives.

  • Fellows are hired as part-time USD employees, between 10-20 hours per week.
  • All tuition is paid for the Educational Innovation Certificate program.

Applications to serve as a Jacobs Fellow are accepted on a rolling basis. Submit your resume and letter of interest to our Career Program Advisor at In your letter, introduce yourself, your background experience, and explain how being Jacobs Fellow will help you meet your career goals.

Internship course is pending, as of 7/1/2020.

What is an Internship?

Open to California residents who are enrolled in the Educational Innovation Certificate, an internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates a student’s learning experience with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Internships allow students to gain valuable applied experience and make professional connections in innovative educational organizations, while also giving employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent. Each of the employers we assist in listing opportunities shares this commitment to making their internship program a true learning experience. Both paid and unpaid internship opportunities are available.


  1. Hours: 40 total hours working on an educational innovation project in a professional education setting. The days/time and length of internship are set by the employer and/or negotiated with the intern.
  2. Confidentiality: You may be asked to sign confidentiality or intellectual property agreements, if necessary.
  3. Innovation Project: Planned in partnership with the employer, complete an educational innovation project. Mentor support will be provided by both the employer and USD. Requirements, deliverables, schedule will be agreed upon.

My company or organization is interested in offering an Internship for the Educational Innovation Certificate Program, who do I contact?  Internships are offered as an elective to California residents.  If you are located within California, please contact Andrew Simmerman, Program Manager, at

Up to three units of these professional learning experiences can count toward credit for the Educational Innovation Certificate program. Please discuss with Career Program Advisor. EIN members receive discounts toward entrance fees for Jacobs Institute sponsored programs(*) listed below.

Which states can we not take enrollments from? We are unable to accept enrollments from residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts and Wisconsin.

Can this credit count towards degree? No, credit provided is graduate level extension credit which is academic, but not currently acceptable toward a degree at the University of San Diego. 

Can we bring in other electives to count toward this degree? Yes, we will accept up to three units of other learning experiences toward the electives requirement, when pre-approved.  Contact the Career Program Advisor for more information on what is acceptable and how to get approval.

What is the Membership fee ($250) and the Certificate Fee ($45) for?  See the EIN Membership information here.  The certificate fee is included with EIN Membership when you join.  It is required for anyone that is not an EIN Member and wanting the certificate. Membership Fees are non-refundable.

Do you need a letter grade? All courses are pass/fail.  If you are requiring a letter grade for your employer, communicate this to both your instructor and the Career Program Advisor by the end of the first week of each course.   To receive a passing grade, a C- or better is required.

What's the drop policy?

Classroom (C) and Blended Courses : To drop a course and receive a refund, students need to drop the course through the MyPCE@USD student account portal by midnight on the first day of the course. The refund of the course fee will be returned less a processing fee of 10% of the course tuition.

Online Fixed-Date Courses (OFD): To receive a refund, students need to drop the course through the MyPCE@USD student account portal before midnight on the third day of the course. The refund of the course fee will be returned less a processing fee of 10% of the course tuition. No refunds will be issued after this deadline.

Independent Study (IS) Courses: To drop a course and receive a refund, students need to drop the course through the MyPCE@USD student account portal within three business (3) days of registration. The refund of the course fee will be returned less a processing fee of 10% of the course tuition. Refund requests will not be processed after this 3 business-day period.

Additional Details

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