Learn Cyber Security Best Practices to Prevent and/or Mitigate an Attack

This certificate program will explore the legal, regulatory, and policy framework of cyber security, cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, and cyber crime. Specifically, this certificate will study the technology of computer systems as a foundation for understanding how attacks can happen, how to prevent and manage attacks, and the reasons why our systems remain so vulnerable.  Students will also receive an introduction to the role of the cyber security professional in corporate governance, the sources of cyber security law and policy, and the policies and procedures that can be used to manage an organization's cyber security ecosystem.  Finally, students will explore the fundamentals of cyber security prevention, detection, and forensics and thoroughly examine the anatomy of a breach and its corresponding incident response.

Who Should Attend

This certificate program is intended for people who are interested in developing a greater understanding of cyber threats, cyber policy and law, and incident response; such as:
•    Attorneys
•    Paralegals
•    General Counsel for organizations and corporations
•    Cyber security business and management professionals


Additional Details