Plan and Implement an Instructional Unit for Your English Language Learners

Teacher who is taking Planning & Implementation Professional Program: English Language Learner courses instructing his ELL students in classThe Planning and Implementation Professional Program - English Language Learner courses are designed to facilitate focused, high-quality planning and implementation of instructional units by elementary, middle and high school teachers of English language learners. Courses are divided into two categories - Planning and Implementation courses. In order to enroll in and complete any of the Implementation courses, you must first take the Planning course in the corresponding area. For example, English Language Learner Elementary- Planning is a prerequisite for English Language Learner Elementary- Implementation.

Who Should Attend

K-12 teachers that want to design and deliver new, well-planned instructional units to the English Language Learners in their classroom would benefit from these courses.


Enroll in one or more courses in this professional program or successfully complete two of the same stream for professional distinction noted on your transcript. At the time of check-out, add the Professional Program Distinction Enrollment $0.00 (at no cost). This needs to be applied one time only to be entered into the program.

In the Planning courses, you will develop units of instruction that carefully consider:

  • Language acquisition and cognitive academic development
  • Research-based methodology designed for English language learners
  • Students (for which the instruction is intended)
  • Standards
  • Course Materials - print, digital/virtual, video, audio, visual
  • Activities
  • Assessments

In the Implementation courses, you will evaluate the effectiveness of your units of instruction based on:

  • Student performance and work
  • Review of assessments
  • Reflection on teaching and learning
  • Need for future changes
  • Design more personally satisfying units of instruction
  • Successfully meet the needs of your students
  • Effectively address standards for English language learners
  • Integrate engaging activities into your classroom
  • Use assessments that accurately describe your students' learning and performance
  • Design new units of instruction while earning professional development units

There are no required materials or textbooks to purchase for these courses.

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