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Lean and Six Sigma Programs

Six Sigma Skills for Improving Process

Manufacturing and industrial engineering have given rise to one of the most respected and proven methodologies for improving processes, Six Sigma. Since then Six Sigma has come to help countless organizations to improve their process in an effort to improve the quality of products they produce and the processes they employ.

In 2003, Dr. Leonard Perry began the Lean Six Sigma Certificate Program at the University of San Diego and has been training students on how to be instrumental in applying Six Sigma methodologies along with introducing the study of Lean to add value to the certificate. Dr. Perry continues to lead the program at USD, and teaches from personal experience, using challenging university curriculum to fully prepare his students.

Combining both Lean and Six Sigma gives certificate recipients the tools to work in the process improvement field in multiple industries, in multiple places around the world. The introduction of Lean allows one to not only improve processes but also to help organizations to save money, this gives candidates who have these skills an upper hand when looking for a job. Individuals looking for these skills come from various backgrounds, but one thing they can all agree on is that there is always room for improvement.

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As employers are learning about the value of what Lean and Six Sigma can do for their organizations, the more hiring managers are specifically looking for training in these areas to hire qualified candidates.

“These days when you’re looking for any kind of project management, process improvement, industrial, or quality engineer, all of them are wanting to have a Six Sigma Black Belt on your resume,”
— Dr. Leonard Perry.

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