Immigration Corner

Travel Documents

As more flights are becoming available for international students to travel back home, please make sure to have the following documents with you when traveling:

1. Valid passport and F-1 visa

2. Form I-20 with a travel signature from your Designated School Official (Please note: The travel endorsement located on page 2 of the Form I-20 is valid for one year)

3. Download and print your most recent I-94 (USA Arrival and Departure Record)

Be sure to travel with your original documents. Copies do not replace originals. The English Language Academy wishes you safe travels!

Review your Form I-20

Make sure to review the information on your Form I-20 to ensure it is correct. Check page 2 of the Form I-20 under the Travel Endorsement section to confirm it has been signed by your Designated School Official. As a reminder, the travel signature is valid for one year.

If you have lost or need to update information on your Form I-20, please immediately contact with your request.