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The Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine Certificate program advances the knowledge and practice of cannabis medicine for health care providers and allied health professionals by improving their understanding of cannabis’s medical properties. As the cannabis industry develops, there will be an ever-increasing demand for knowledgeable workers in the industry, especially when it comes to those focusing on cannabis as a medicine. Cannabis is not only new to most people, it is also a very complicated subject that not many people have direct experience with. High quality education on the subject is paramount and will set students apart to participate in this sought-after industry.

Through this program, the students will be able to thoroughly understand what cannabis medicine is, how it works, and to confidently make recommendations and provide guidance to patients new and experienced with cannabis. The importance of analytical and problem-solving skills is emphasized because cannabis is not black and white and requires critical thinking to arrive at appropriate recommendations.

Students will also review specific condition categories in depth so that they will have a deep understanding of where their patients may be coming from and how to appropriately work with them. Students will be challenged to develop the ability to work independently and in teams, to be innovative in solving problems, to expand their horizons on how they think about cannabis and holistic medicine. The certificate concludes with real world case studies and role playing to solidify the student’s mastery of program material.

This program is created in partnership with Green Flower Media Inc., the leader in cannabis education and training.

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This certificate program provides continuing education for healthcare providers and allied health professionals to enhance their understanding of cannabis’ medical properties.

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