Cannabis Compliance & Risk Management Certificate

24 Weeks

Become an in-demand compliance professional with the Cannabis Compliance & Risk Management Certificate – Fully Online

The Cannabis Compliance and Risk Management program prepares students to become in-demand compliance professionals within the fast-evolving cannabis industry. Students gain an understanding of the risks related to operating a commercial cannabis business and learn how to mitigate them with a proven Cannabis Risk Management Framework. The cannabis industry is complex and ever-changing, making legal compliance a significant challenge for cannabis businesses of all sizes. Not only are laws constantly shifting, there are also heavy-handed compliance requirements, multiple levels of health and safety risks, and difficult challenges throughout the cannabis supply chain. Understanding these risks, and having the knowledge and tools to minimize those risks while ensuring legal compliance, is a top priority for cannabis businesses throughout the industry.

Beginning with Cannabis 101, the program provides students with a comprehensive overview of federal and state cannabis regulation, and the historical events that led to the formation of these laws. Students explore industry legislation, common regulatory dilemmas, the process of securing state and local licenses, and more. Students train in an industry-adopted Cannabis Risk Assessment Framework, which gives a step-by-step blueprint for becoming a successful cannabis compliance professional.

Through case studies, video lectures, and assignments that cover important topics such as navigating the changing regulatory environments, using track and trace systems, preventing money laundering, and minimizing wasted products, students gain a thorough understanding of the cannabis industry, the compliance needs and challenges throughout, and become empowered as a certified cannabis compliance professional. Upon completion of this program, students earn a certificate of completion from the university and a digital badge. Students will also be prepared to take the Certified commercial Cannabis Professional (CCCP) through the Association of Certified Commercial Cannabis Experts (ACCCE), and are granted ACCCE membership for one year.

This program is created in partnership with Green Flower Media Inc., the leader in cannabis education and training.

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This certificate program provides continuing education for cannabis business professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of cannabis’ legislation and regulation.

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