The 28 Best Education Podcasts for Teachers in 2024

A man and woman engaged in a podcast, deep in discussion, with focused expressions.

We’re living in the golden age of podcasts, where anyone can find a podcast dedicated to practically any interest, profession, philosophy, or pursuit. Podcasts are an excellent way to immerse yourself in a topic you’re passionate about, with hosts whose opinions and voices you respect and enjoy — including leaders in the education space!

This versatile audio medium offers a way for teachers to pursue professional development without setting aside significant time or even making a lasting commitment. Whether you’re looking for practical classroom management tips, advice from education luminaries, conversations between thoughtful working educators, or simply a few laughs about the daily realities of the classroom, there’s an education podcast out there for you.

Why Listen to Teaching Podcasts?

Teachers are encouraged — and often required — to pursue professional development throughout their career. However, the busy life of a teacher hardly leaves room for extra classes or workshops on top of full workdays, side jobs, and life commitments. Thankfully, there’s plenty of informative, enjoyable professional development content that comes in an easy-listening audio format — what’s not to love?

The following are just some of the reasons teachers love podcasts for professional development:

Best All-Purpose Teaching Podcasts

To get you started on your audio exploration, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular education podcasts out there today, ranked in no particular order. Our picks are organized into categories such as self-care, teaching strategies, and specializations, but you may find a lot of crossover as you start listening.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose teaching podcast to dip your toes into, start with the following titles.

Best Education Podcasts on Teaching Strategies

As a teacher, you never stop learning. The best teachers understand that there is always room to improve your personal practice, and these podcasts provide an opportunity to learn, grow, and even try out some new teaching strategies for yourself.


The education industry is always changing and evolving, perhaps now more than ever. Learn how you can be prepared by downloading our eBook.

Best Education Podcasts on Self-Care

The job of teaching can sometimes feel relentless. Being “on” at the front of a classroom all day can take its toll if there aren’t strategies in place to mitigate burnout. While there are plenty of self-care podcasts available in the wellness space, these titles cater specifically to teachers, addressing challenges in a way teachers will understand first-hand.

Best STEAM Education Podcasts

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and STEAM (+ arts) initiatives remain as important as ever. There’s no shortage of blogs and resources out there providing lesson plan inspiration and guidance for teachers who want to breathe life into their science and math lessons. Rather than focusing on course content, these podcasts instead focus on ways in which teachers can leverage technology and teaching methods to make STEM/STEAM subjects more accessible.

Best Education Podcasts on Current Events

Teaching current events is one thing; living them is quite another. These podcasts provide candid insights into what’s happening in, around, and outside the classroom, and how it affects a teacher’s daily reality.

Best Podcasts for School Leaders

These podcasts step out of the classroom and into the administrative wing, where principals, curriculum directors, and other school leaders share their zoomed-out view of modern education.

We hope these podcasts offer valuable teaching insights, perhaps delivered in a way you haven’t heard before! As teachers, it’s our job to ensure we’re building our personal bank of knowledge to best serve our students and colleagues — and, most importantly, to ensure we’re in the right healthy mindset to continue bringing our A-game to the classroom. Happy listening from the University of San Diego Division of Professional and Continuing Education!


The education industry is always changing and evolving, perhaps now more than ever. Learn how you can be prepared by downloading our eBook.