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Improve Academic Achievement and College Readiness

June 22 - July 31, 2015

Each summer, the Accelerated Summer Academic Program (ASAP) at the University of San Diego (USD) offers high school students a select number of honors and advanced placement (AP) courses to prepare them adequately for college.

Taking classes on USD's campus provides high school students with the opportunity to have a university-level learning experience. Since one of the greatest challenges for college students is the transition from the high school to the college learning environment, USD’s goal with the Accelerated Summer Academic Program is to help students prepare for and succeed in this transition.

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Top Reasons Students Should Attend

  • Accelerate academic achievement
  • Receive personalized attention for academic topics in small classroom settings
  • Advance to a higher level of high school coursework
  • Improve college/university application profile and readiness for success

Who Should Attend

All high school students who demonstrate strong academic ability and can participate successfully in classes with rigorous curriculum are encouraged to attend.


A variety of high school teachers from many of San Diego’s top high schools are the expert instructors involved in the USD ASAP program. The instructors have varied backgrounds with knowledge in math, writing, sciences, computer science and law, and bring both excellent teaching styles with expertise to the classroom each day to ensure that students perform at their highest level.


Courses that normally take an entire high school year will be delivered in six weeks, with students meeting three days per week for 4.5 hours each day. Courses that normally take a semester will meet two days per week for 4.5 hours each day. Students will be expected to complete four to six hours of homework for each class session attended.

  Writing and Literature 
Minimum Required:  0  Course(s)
    YTH-X901   Writing for College
    YTH-X902   Writing for High School
Minimum Required:  0  Course(s)
    YTH-X905   Geometry
    YTH-X916   AP Calculus AB
  Natural Sciences 
Minimum Required:  0  Course(s)
    YTH-X903   Biotechnology
    YTH-X920   Cognitive Neuroscience
  Science and Tech 
Minimum Required:  0  Course(s)
    YTH-X942   Introduction to Programming with JavaScript and HTML5 Browser Games
Minimum Required:  0  Course(s)
    YTH-X933   Business Bootcamp
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