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Health Care Informatics CertificateLearn to apply technologies and assist in the design, development and ongoing modification of computerized health care systems. Communicate effectively with both health care providers and IT professionals in this intensive one-year certificate program. The curriculum in this program focuses on data and knowledge management for health care systems developed and delivered by USD's Hahn School of Nursing and Health Services.

This certificate program is conducted in both Classroom and Online formats. Classroom courses are typically held from 6:00 – 8:55 p.m. one day per week for fourteen weeks. Online courses are 7 weeks long and are offered back to back, two each semester. All courses are taught by faculty of the Master of Science in Health Care Informatics. HCIN students may attend classes with degree-seeking students and participate in the same course activities and requirements.

Certificate students may transfer all course units towards a graduate degree in Health Care Informatics (Classroom or Online).

Application process
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Who Should Attend

Health care practitioners, researchers and educators, as well as, computer science and systems professionals interested in entering the health care sector.

Academic Calendar

  SP17 SU17 FA17 Fee
Completed Application Deadline  January 12 April 25 Aug 8 $45.00
Registration Deadline January 19

May 9

Aug 22  
First Course Start Date

Classroom: January 26

Online: January 24

Classroom: June 5

Online: May 23

Classroom: TBD

Online: September 5


Schedule & Fees CLASSROOM Courses

Course # Courses (5 Required) Duration SP17 SU17 FA17 **Fee

Medical Terminology (2 units)

(Part of track 1: only required for professionals outside clinical health care)

6 months OSP OSP OSP $   298.00
HCIN-540 Introduction to Health Care Information Management (3 units) 1 semester Jan 26 - May 11     $4,061.00
HCIN-541 Introduction to Health Care Delivery Systems (3 units) 1 semester       $4,061.00
HCIN-542 Systems Analysis and Design for Health Care Informatics (3 units) 1 semester Jan 31 - May 9     $4,061.00
HCIN-544  Advanced Health Care Information Management (3 units) 1 semester Jan 25 - May 24     $4,061.00

Schedule & Fees ONLINE Courses

Course # Required Courses Duration SP17 SU17 FA17 **Fee
HCIN-540 Introduction to Health Care Information Management (3 units) 7 weeks Jan 24 - Mar 13 May 23 - Jul 10 Sep 5 - Oct 23 $2,775.00
HCIN-541 Introduction to Health Care Delivery Systems (3 units) 7 weeks Mar 14 - May 1 Jul 11 - Aug 28 Oct 24 - Dec 11 $2,775.00
Course # Elective Courses (2 Required) Duration SP17 SU17 FA17 **Fee
HCIN-542 Systems Analysis and Design for Health Care Informatics (3 units) 7 weeks Jan 24 - Mar 13     $2,775.00
HCIN-543 Database Design and Knowledge Management (3 units) 7 weeks Mar 14 - May 1     $2,775.00
HCIN-544 Advanced Health Care Information Management (3 units) 7 weeks   Jul 11 - Aug 28   $2,775.00
ENLC-500 Heatlh Care Leadership, Values, and Social Justice (3 units) 7 weeks   May 23 - Jul 10   $2,775.00
ENLC-553 Financial Management in Health Systems(3 units) 7 weeks     Sep 5 - Oct 23 $2,775.00
ENLC-556 Management of Health Care System Quality Outcomes (3 units) 7 weeks     Oct 24 - Dec 11 $2,775.00


Professional Development Courses (Not Part of the Certificate, Take Individual Courses from this Series):

Course # Related Courses (Not Part of the Certificate) Duration SP17 SU17 FA17 **Fee
HCIN-550 Health Care Six Sigma Green Belt (3 units) 1 semester - C TBD $4,061.00
HCIN-551 Introduction to Geohealth (3 units) 1 semester - C TBD $4,061.00
HCIN-552 Clinical Documentation: Electronic Medical Record Systems (3 units) 1 semester - - TBD $4,061.00
HCIN-553 Clinical Documentation: Specialist Role (3 units) 1 semester  - C TBD $4,061.00
HCIN-554 Telehealth and Emergency Technology (3 units) 1 semester - C C $4,061.00
HCIN-X560 Introduction to Healthcare Simulation (3 units) 1 semester  - C TBD $4,061.00
HCIN-X561 Beginning Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion for Healthcare (2 units) 11 weeks C - C


$199.00 SON students

C = Classroom; OFD = Online Fixed-Date; OSP = Online Self-Paced; IS = Independent Study Self-Paced

**Tuition Fees subject to change


  • Online or On-ground courses
  • Start in January, May or September
  • Complete the certificate in 2 semesters
  • All certificate course units transfer to the USD Master of Science in Health Care Informatics
  • Job outlook for informatics nurse specialists and medical records and health information technicians is expected to increase 21% from 2010 -2020, faster than the average for all occupations (U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics)

An integrative field experience that allows students to synthesize and apply the knowledge and skills they have obtained is a critical part of this program. Students can complete the certificate in two semesters. Complete the requirements below to earn a professional certificate in Health Care Informatics (HCIN).  Read Certificate Benefits and Policy.

Two certificate tracks are offered:

  • Requirements for Track 1 (IT professionals): Complete 5 courses 
  • Requirements for Track 2 (health care professionals): Complete 4 courses

Courses taken for either track for the certificate program may be applied toward a Master's in Health Care Informatics. If you intend to request transferring any of these courses into a Master's program, you will need a grade of "B" or better and an overall 3.0 GPA or higher. Please contact an academic advisor at for more information.  

The HCIN certificate program is approved for financial aid.  Please contact Enrollment Student Services at to assist you with getting started on your FAFSA, Students who choose to seek financial aid will be required to take two courses per semester.

  • Adeptly manage health care information systems
  • Recognize the specific business needs of health care organizations
  • Integrate health care information systems into clinical workflow and care delivery
  • Serve in hospital systems, clinics, technology-driven companies

A bachelor's degree, basic computer and information management skills, Microsoft Office, Medical Terminology, and a minimum of 50 hours in an acute care setting (for Non-RNs).

The Health Care Informatics program has a strong emphasis on use of technology and mobile devices as learning platforms. The iPad has been selected as the learning platform for use across the HCI program. Each student is required to purchase an iPad air, which is in addition to other technology (such as laptop or desk top computer). The iPad air is utilized for individual course tests and class assignments. Students may purchase an iPad air through the USD bookstore and additional software (iPad apps) are assigned on an individual course basis. During program orientation information about use of the iPad and additional software will be discussed. Accessories such as keyboards and stylus may be required on an individual course basis. For more information about technical requirements click here; questions regarding program technology may be directed to Jonathan Mack Ph.D. RN NP, program Coordinator:


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