Course Description

Gain Experiential Knowledge for Sustained Mental Health and Wellbeing

This four-part workshop will provide new concepts and tools for sustained mental resilience and wellbeing, with focus on current challenges and uncertain times. Based on a prevention-oriented paradigm, the workshop will include educational, experiential and behavioral components to improve adaptability to change and promote critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. Ideal for business leaders, educators, and health professionals, the program will provide practical tools to develop a healthy mind and cultivate a sense of belonging in the workplace and the community. The workshop meets for four one-hour sessions covering the following topics.

  • Session 1: Uncertainty and the Integral View
  • Session 2: Anxiety, Depression and the Natural State
  • Session 3: Current Challenges and the Relational Nature of the Mind
  • Session 4: Review and Future Challenges

Assignments: Weekly behavioral reflections

Learner Outcomes

  • Understanding the nature of uncertainty and the integral view.
  • Understanding the consequences of black and white thinking and seeing oneself as separate from others.
  • Learning about growth mindset and process-orientation.
  • Learning cognitive behavioral therapy and emotional regulation techniques.
  • Understanding the current challenges of isolation, lack of movement, and time and energy management.
  • Understanding anxiety & depression.
  • Understanding and experiencing the natural, relaxed state of being.
  • Learning how access the natural state daily, even in stressful situations.
  • Learning how to effectively still the mind and access the flow state.
  • Understanding the adaptive quality of both conscious and unconscious levels of mind.
  • Realizing the significant role of perception in one’s experience.
  • Understanding the various levels of ego development, from egocentric to world-centric and unitive/ integral.
  • Understanding paradox, acceptance, and trust in the process of change.
  • Learning about future challenges such as the future of work, economic and environmental sustainability, rapid development of technology, and the future of health.
  • Developing a daily practice for continuous reflection and ongoing development of the mind.

Course Details

Workshop Format: The workshop sessions will be hosted utilizing the Zoom platform. Once registered, the information sent to students will include the Zoom link to the sessions along with the password.

Number of Units: 0.0 credits, this is a non-credit learning experience

Who Should Attend: Registrants do not need to be students of USD - this workshop is open to anyone and offers beneficial tools and concepts for sustained mental health and wellbeing.

Instructor: Milena Braticevic, PhD Integral Health
Postdoctoral Research Associate
California Institute for Human Science

Milena holds a PhD in Integral Health from the California Institute for Human Science. Milena's work explores prevention-oriented methodologies for mental health, sustainability, and wellbeing. Her mental health literacy programs serve to help reduce the prevalence of common mental disorders and stigma. For more information visit www.nondualperspectives.com.

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