Course Description

Create a Process for Cyber Breach Management

After learning about the basics of cyber security and related privacy laws, this course will guide students through the process of cyber breach management, from organizational policy and strategy development before an incident, to immediate incident response, to the post-breach activities and remediation.  The objective of the curriculum is to simulate an actual organizational environment through scenario-based learning, and put the student in the role of lead consultant for organizational incident response.  In this scenario, the student will be asked to imagine that they have been retained by an organization that has limited to no planning for a cyber incident.  They will be responsible for pre-positioning the organization to respond, including drafting an incident response policy and procedure.  The scenario then moves to a breach occurring within the hypothetical organization, and the process of containing and managing the breach.  Finally, the scenario will consider the fallout from the breach, how to comply with state consumer notification obligations, reporting obligations, manage contractual obligations and ramifications, and restoring the organization to an operational state.  The course is meant to put students in the reality many business face daily, and will be heavily scenario based and fast paced, and introduce several diverse skill sets that will need to be applied in parallel if an organization is to successfully manage (or avoid) a breach. 

Learner Outcomes

  • Discuss incident response policy and compliance
  • Describe when and how to conduct a privileged forensic investigation
  • Understanding infiltration and ex-filtration of data
  • Describe the process of creating a timeline/workflow or capturing the data in a forensically sound manner
  • Discuss the process of public relations with a breach and managing the breach, including communication with all stakeholders
  • Create the process of restoring the system and the idea of safe harbors (encryption)
  • Understand government investigations, class actions and criminal prosecutions
  • Write and evaluate the effectiveness of an incident response policy

Course Details

Number of Units:  3.0 graduate level extension credit(s) in semester hours

Course Format: Online Fixed-Date

Course Materials: TBD

Technical Requirements



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