San Diego Reopens! An update on our parks,beaches, restaurants, and other establishments

Going outdoors
You may go outside for exercise if you can keep six feet away from people who are not members of your household. Avoid groups and crowded outdoor spaces.

The County has allowed beaches to open with certain limitations, but cities may have their own restrictions or closures. Check before visiting. Beach parking lots can now open and active sports by household members is allowed. You can sit and lie down with members of your household. You can walk or run on the beach. If you’re within six feet of others not in your household, wear a face covering. You can swim, surf, paddleboard, kayak, snorkel. You can take dogs where beaches allow them.

At parks, the County will allow:

  • Parking lots to open.
  • Park visitors to sit, lie down, and picnic if they practice social distancing.
  • Use of basketball or tennis courts, if played by members of a household or others who can maintain social distance.

Camping is allowed. Each occupied campsite can’t be occupied on either side. Playgrounds or other common amenities are still closed. Operators of individual campgrounds will decide when they reopen. Check before visiting.

Recreational boating on the ocean, bays and lakes is allowed for members of a household. The managers of any of those locations may have their own restrictions.

Golf course operators need to create and post a plan for how they will provide for social distancing. Golf courses now use the same Safe Reopening Plan as other businesses. They no longer need the separate golf course protocol.

Recreational equipment rentals
Businesses that rent recreational equipment, such as bicycles, surfboards, boats, kayaks and other watercraft can reopen if they prepare a Safe Reopening Plan. If any equipment can be used by multiple people, they have to be members of the same household.

Schools and childcare
Public and private K-12 schools can reopen. Individual districts or schools will decide when and how they reopen. They need to follow the state’s guidance for schools. Colleges and universities remain closed. (Exception: Research-related activities at colleges and universities when needed to train students who will serve as essential workers.)

Other businesses
Dozens of businesses have reopened, but must follow strict protocols. Major ones include: dine-in restaurants, retail shops, hair salons, movie theaters, gyms, hotels, places of worship, and zoos. Click here for a complete list.

For fun things to do in San Diego and updates on hours of operation please check out these websites: