Creative Things to Do When You are Bored – Suggestions from the English Language Academy

Build a fort. Kids know this already: The couch cushions or a few chairs and blankets make an awesome wonderland. Embrace your inner child, or let your kids show you the way.

Have a dance party. Turn on some tunes and get those socks hopping. Throw it back with oldies from your glory days or find some hot new stuff to shake your booty.

Research a new topic. Been curious about a specific period in history, a public figure, some strange conspiracy theory, or really anything at all? Now’s the time to educate yourself. Become an expert! Go knee-deep into the Reddit weeds.

Try a new recipe. Stop opening and closing the fridge hoping new snacks will magically appear. Take matters into your own hand and make your own tasty dish.

Listen to a meditation video, there are plenty of free ones online. When your mind starts to spiral, turn it inward. Mediation videos can easily guide you through mindful exercises and techniques to reach inner peace.

Learn a dance. Download the Tik Tok app and challenge yourself to learn one of the trending dances everyone is doing.

Start journaling. Time will fly by as you jot down your thoughts in a journal. If you want to go even deeper, venture into the artistic world of bullet journals. Check out:

Have an indoor picnic. Clear out the living room, set down a blanket, and make your own picnic lunch without having to step outside.

Tour an exhibit Online. Lots of museums are setting up their exhibits online, so we can still get our arts and culture fixes from the confines of our homes. Here’s a look inside the Met: https://

Join a Virtual Choir. There are all kinds of musical choir groups you can join and sing along for fun. 032420

Wander The Netherlands’ most spectacular tulip garden. now-take-a-virtual-tour-of-the-netherlands-most-spectacular-tulip-garden-041420

Bring an aquarium into your home. Natural History Redux – CORAL MORPHOLOGIC: Kuroshio Sea – 2nd largest aquarium in the world: Other aquariums to explore around the world: +around+the+world

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