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YTH-X921 Trailblazer2Changemaker

Course Description

Stand-Out by Creating Your Own Opportunities in School, Work and Life!

Over the course of a week students participating in the Trailblazer2Changemaker program will be introduced to the following core areas: leadership, strategic planning, innovation and community.Through theories of leadership and open-minded dialogue students are able to identify and execute realistic goals for their short and long term careers.

The program serves as a platform to hone in and develop the skill-sets needed for future personal, academic and professional success in today’s ever-changing world.

Trailblazers2Changemakers program is hosted at the University of San Diego campus, giving students exposure to an on-campus college experience!

Get started and enroll today! (this program is only offered in the summer)

Learner Outcomes

  • Define and identify the qualities of a good leader 
  • Recognize the implications of making ethical choices
  • Identify, define and perform goal setting strategies to particular situation or project
  • Apply best practices in social media
  • Build a “Stand Out” resume that differentiates you
  • Apply networking skills in everyday settings
  • Identify mentors, create advisory groups and a trusted network
  • Create a budget based on the understanding of basic personal finance
  • Lead change and make a positive impact in your life and your community 

Course Details

Number of Units: 2

Who Should Attend: All high school students, including incoming freshmen, that want to learn how to stand out from the crowd, think differently, be proactive and create their own destiny and opportunities in school, work and life. These skills are not being taught in high schools, and are a great complement to the outstanding academic experience most high school students already get, to ensure future success.

Instructors: USD's instructional team of experienced teachers will provide a stimulating and participative learning environment. Instructors have many years of experience and expertise to share with all students.



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