Foundational Skills for Substitute Teaching

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Credit Validation

Course Description

SubSchool’s asynchronous courses are designed to build the key competencies that subs need to thrive. The required courses for earning the credit are:

  • Welcome to Substitute Teaching
  • Classroom Management (4-part series)
  • Facilitating Instruction (4-part series)
  • Core Knowledge Assessment

Course Details

Number of Units: 1.0 graduate level extension credit(s) in semester hours

Enrollment Requirement: In order to complete courses, subs must have an active SubSchool membership. Memberships are typically provided by an employer or other sponsor. If subs do not have access to a membership and wish to take courses, they can email [email protected] to inquire about opportunities.

Course Options

Course Date Units Price
EDC-X754X – 001 01 Jul 202430 Jun 2025 1 $79

Foundational Skills for Substitute Teaching

01 Jul 202430 Jun 2025
Credit Validation
Online Self-Paced

Refund Policy: All Credit Validation enrollments are refundable, less a $25 fee, if requested within 30 days of enrollment date. There will be no refunds for Credit Validation after the allotted 30 days.

Enrollment Open Through: July 1st, 2024 – June 30th, 2025 (11:59pm)

What You Will Learn

Welcome to Substitute Teaching:

  • Knows the steps to prepare, begin, and complete a teaching assignment
  • Understands the role of a substitute teacher in the school community
  • Understands and can make appropriate introductions to build relationships with school staff and student
  • Understands the differences in types of teaching assignments (grade, subject, length-of-time, pre-planned, emergency, etc.)
  • Is reflective about their own biases and strives to be inclusive of all students; Is aware of how their own identity and personality influence interactions in the classroom

Classroom Management Series:

  • Understands the challenges of classroom management for new substitute teachers
  • Can identify how student behaviors communicate needs
  • Understands the differences between proactive and responsive classroom management
  • Understands and can implement basic proactive strategies including communicating expectations, building rapport, and facilitating transitions
  • Understands and can implement basic responsive strategies including de-escalation, positive reinforcement, channeling, and immediate intervention
  • Can identify and implement appropriate academic and rapport-building activities, when needed, to ensure ongoing student engagement
  • Can recognize and implement established classroom routines and expectations
  • Knows how to identify and manage their own bias and triggers as a classroom manager
  • Knows how to proactively avoid power struggles or challenges with students

Facilitating Instruction Series:

  • Understands the elements and functionality of a modern classroom
  • Knows how to read, implement, and lead a lesson
  • Understands the 4 phases of a lesson
  • Understands and can implement multiple strategies to Check For Understanding throughout the lesson
  • Understands and can utilize common instructional strategies
  • Knows how to supplement or extend a lesson, when appropriate
  • Knows how to organize and manage small groups of learners
  • Knows how to facilitate and transition between whole group, small group, and individual student learning tasks
  • Understands that students have diverse needs and can demonstrate flexibility in seeking to support all learners to participate in planned activities
  • Understands how to enhance a lesson to increase engagement and learning or introduce an alternative lesson if absolutely necessary


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