Technical Requirements

Technical requirements for online courses from USD
High-speed Internet A high-speed internet connection is strongly encouraged.
Course Access and Navigation All course-related information is posted on the Blackboard e-learning platform (
Recommended Browser

Firefox is the recommended browser for use with Blackboard on both the Mac and PC. For best results update your browser to the latest version

Blackboard lists the most current browser compatibility information.

If you're having browser issues or your browser is locking up, try clearing your browser's cache: view the instructions for clearing your cache on the most common browsers.

If components of your course are missing or broken, check to see whether your system is running the most current version of Java.


Adobe Reader Plugin is required for some content in this course. Users may need to download and install the most current version of Adobe Reader, which includes the plugin. Visit Adobe's website to download the most current version for your system.

  • Some Mac users may experience further issues when using Safari or Firefox. The best-known solution is a free plugin download called Schubert|it PDF Browser Plugin

QuickTime Plugin is required for some content in this course. Download QuickTime Plugin
Flash Player - download the latest Flash Player.
Note: Please clear your browser’s cache and restart your browser after installing the plug-in. How to clear your browser cache

Other Software Microsoft Office is required. If you are using Office 2003 or earlier, download and install the Microsoft Office Compatibility pack.
Technical Support

Professional and Continuing Education

  • Phone: 619-260-4585
  • Toll-free: 888-321-6658
  • Submit an online Technical Support Request
Computer or Laptop It is recommended that each student own or have unrestricted access to a desktop computer or laptop. Each student must have Internet and access to Microsoft office programs. Since the Health Care Informatics industry primarily utilizes PC based Windows OS devices; our courses utilize software that may require a PC based windows device. If you choose to purchase a Mac OS based device (laptop, iMac, etc.) you should also purchase software that will allow you to emulate a windows based environment (for running Windows-based software). Software providing this function can be purchased through the USD bookstore, computer section.
Course Access and Navigation All course-related information is posted on the Blackboard e-learning platform (
iPad Each student admitted to the HCI program (Masters in Nursing, Masters of Science, and certificate program) is required to purchase an Apple iPad.  The iPad is utilized across the program and within individual courses.  We recommend you purchase an iPad with a minimum of 32 GB of memory with the latest operating system (IOS 7).  It is up to the student if they wish to purchase an iPad with 3G services however the program only requires you use an iPad that has Wi-Fi access.  You may purchase iPads through the USD Toreros bookstore.
HCI Software and Application Requirements Each student is expected to purchase and maintain several iPad related applications (Apps). Information regarding how to purchase required applications/software will be provided during program orientation or may be obtained after orientation through the HCI program coordinator.  Individual HCI courses may require additional applications based upon that course's syllabus:
  1. Examsoft: computerized testing software
  2. Typhon Group:  Healthcare  solutions
  3. Blackboard mobile (this program is free)
  4. Blackboard Collaborate (this program is free)
  5. Microsoft for iPad (app is free to download but you must purchase a student addition of Microsoft 360 through the USD bookstore computer section)
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