Classroom Management Template [Free Teaching Tool]  

Use our handy 3-page Classroom Management Template to create a plan for everything that goes into successfully operating a classroom.

Simple Worksheet Helps You Customize Your Classroom Experience

You’re excited about your curriculum and eager to engage your students in the learning process. But first, do you have a plan in place for managing your classroom? When it comes to classroom management, winging it is actually a fairly common option among teachers. However, there’s a better way.

Our free Classroom Management Template is a helpful resource you can use to make sure you’ve thought of everything when it comes to setting the stage for a productive school year.

Teachers use this handy 3-page worksheet to create a plan for everything from their classroom environment to classroom operations, including:

  • Class rules and procedures 
  • Communication policies
  • Technology needs and strategies 
  • How to handle disruptions 
  • Establishing guidelines for an effective, supportive learning space

Knowing that you have a clear plan in place frees you to focus on what you enjoy most — teaching.


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