USD’s Spring Break Sale

March 6, 2023 – March 19, 2023

Save 25% at Checkout March 6-19, 2023

The University of San Diego’s Division of Professional and Continuing Education is proud to offer 25% off most educator courses March 6-19, 2023. Our courses are taught by experienced practitioners and are offered in various formats that can be completed from the comfort of your home!

Earn graduate-level extension credits and take the next step towards salary advancement, developing a new skill set, or making a positive change in your community!

Discount only valid 3/6/2023-3/19/2023

Featured Sale Courses, Certificates, and Series

Take a Course (or Several)

Choose from hundreds of online and independent study courses for teachers covering a wide range of subjects. Earn graduate-level extension credit that can be applied toward salary advancement or professional development (with prior district approval), while also enhancing your resume.

Featured Courses for Teachers

6 Units
Online Self-Paced
3 Units
Online Self-Paced
2 Units
Online Self-Paced
3 Units
Online Self-Paced

Earn a Certificate

Designed for busy working teachers, our online educator certificates are comprehensive, multi-course programs of study that demonstrate mastery of a specific body of knowledge (for example Classroom Management, Teacher Leadership and Bullying Prevention). Completing an educator certificate program can be an excellent way to:

  • Earn professional development credits (with prior district approval)
  • Position yourself for salary advancement
  • Gain expertise that will enhance your effectiveness in the classroom

Featured Educator Certificates

Bullying is a persistent and disruptive issues within our education system. Learn how to identify and prevent school bullying through USD’s Bullying Prevention Certificate program, offered 100% online and become and anti-bullying champion at your school.

The online STEAM Certificate Program is designed for experienced teachers seeking to become a designer of learning, enhance their skills as an educator, and promote STEAM curriculum in their classroom.

Classroom management is an essential skill for both new and experienced teachers. USD’s classroom management certificate is designed to help teachers learn how to make the classroom a place where both you and your students can focus on educational goals in a positive environment.

The Mental Health First Response Certificate program focuses on how to respond to the emotional, mental, and social issues in a school environment. In this certificate, Educators are trained to recognize and respond to the symptoms of mental or emotional distress impacting their students.

Educator Series

Explore a series of courses covering in-depth expertise in single subject areas. Similar to our educator certificates, you will earn graduate-level extension credit that can be applied toward salary advancement or professional development (with prior district approval), while also enhancing your resume.

Featured Educator Series

Is your curriculum design where it needs to be? Learn how to design effective curricula in our online development course.

Learn how to effectively implement G suite for educators into your curriculum, through a series of courses designed by expert instructors that explore the various google tools.

This series provides K-12 educators with the skills and knowledge on how to incorporate anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, and social justice in their classroom strategies and their teaching.

Learn how to teach remotely with our series of courses for training online teachers.

Key Benefits of Educator Courses

A World of Choices

With hundreds of courses across a range of education-related topics, there’s a strong chance we have the ideal class for you!

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes with real-world educators are an important part of the USD experience.

Work-Life Balance

Our educator courses offer flexible course formats and class times to help you balance your work, USD studies, and family life.

The flexibility of the curriculum allowed me to focus efforts in the directions my students’ needs demanded. I had support and feedback on every idea and it gave me the motivation to start a huge video work project for the courses I teach. I would highly recommend courses through USD.

I love the continuing education classes at USD because unlike classes I’ve taken at other universities, I feel like the material is really applicable and I’m actually learning something. The courses push my learning without being too challenging/time consuming to complete while working full time. The professors also really seem interested in your growth rather than just checking off that you completed the requirements.

The courses offered at USD have been valuable in my teaching career! I have implemented engaging and differentiation strategies to reach the needs of my students. Thank you!


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Exclusion List

The following courses are not included in USD’s Spring Break Sale: