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Success Stories

I have taken four courses through USD’s PCE program. My favorite was a 6-unit Curriculum Design class where I built a curriculum unit from the ground-up. I had feedback from the professor along the way and she helped me understand the design process.

I have also taken 3 courses in the Literacy Toolbox series, and enjoyed the all-online, self-paced aspect of the classes. The professor was quick to answer any questions and give feedback. These courses are ideal for educators who are already teaching full time!

The Strategic Online Marketing Certificate program at USD is essential for any business owner or marketing professional. The instructors are all top-notch, experienced marketers with a wealth of knowledge to share. Online marketing strategies and opportunities are presented in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Strategies that I deployed in my own business produced immediate, measurable results. I highly recommend this program for anyone that wants to step up their marketing game.

I’ve been using your online summer curriculum program for the past three years and it has been the best. I love that I have been able to work during the summer and create meaningful curriculum that I’m using throughout the year. I have shared my work with my coworkers and they have been using the resources I’ve created. I have recommended this program to numerous teachers because it allows us to earn units while we create resources we need. The instructors have provided me with helpful insight in restructuring lessons or thinking about my objectives. Thank you for offering these courses at an affordable cost.