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The GMAT is the typical exam for graduate business programs.  The GRE is the typical exam for all other graduate level programs.  Check your program’s website to learn which exam will get you where you want to be.  Regardless of the program and exam you choose we have the preparation course for you.  We have been helping students improve their test scores since 1980.  Let us help you too!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!  Email us at testprep@sandiego.edu or give us a call at (619) 260-4585.  Thank you for your interest!

GRE Test Preparation Courses

The GRE is one of the most important parts of your application to Graduate School.  We want to help you ensure it is also one of the most impressive parts of your application. Our courses provide critical reading and writing methods so you can aggressively tackle the GRE.  View our GRE class details, schedules and registration.  The GRE is offered throughout the year as a computer based exam.  View the GRE registration page and GRE testing locations.

GMAT Test Preparation Courses

Business school can help you get the job you want and improve your earning potential. Your GMAT score is important to business schools. Our GMAT courses develop reasoning and analytical skills along with principles of writing which enable you to master all aspects of the exam.  View our GMAT class details, schedules and registration.  The GMAT is offered throughout the year as a computer based exam.  View the GMAT registration page and GMAT testing locations.

Complete Schedules

Plan your year of free retakes by viewing all the classes we have scheduled for the 17-18 Academic Year.

2018-2019 GRE Schedules | 2018-2019 GMAT Schedules

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Expert Instructors – Our teachers have a passion for teaching and have demonstrated success on the exam.

High Quality Materials – We use comprehensive materials that teach mastery of the content, test-specific strategies, and use technology to help our students succeed.

Retake GRE and GMAT classes free for one year– We want you to achieve your highest possible score. Prep as much as you want. *New materials may need to be purchased.