Course sections listed for the following organization have been created by the University of San Diego's Professional and Continuing Education division exclusively for this organization. They are intended solely for students associated with this specific group and are not available to the general public.

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EDC-X700Q - A World of Difference Institute: Anti-Bias Training for the Classroom
EDC-X701Q - Rigor Part 1 - Learning Leaders and Systemic Excellence Rota Middle High School
EDC-X703Q - College and Career Ready Standards for Speaking and Listening: Implementation for Secondary Grades
EDC-X704Q - Guiding Principles for Secondary Math Teachers
EDC-X709Q - Little Bitz: Maker Space Library Implementation
EDC-X719P - Book Study: Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria
EDC-X720P - Initial Benchmark Advance Application Course
EDC-X724O - Using G Suite in the Classroom (Basic)
EDC-X727P - Methods of Teaching STEM in the classroom in Grades 6-12 Using STEM in Robotics
EDC-X728P - Growth Mindset: Empowering Students to Achieve & Promoting Student Success
EDC-X730P - Teaching an Advanced Placement Course
EDC-X731P - Authentic Arts Integration
EDC-X732M - Assistive Technology for Writing: Using Formative Assessment Tools to Make Instructional and Accommodation Decisions
EDC-X732P - Making Number Sense with Number Talks
EDC-X735P - Proloquo2Go Basics: Getting Started
EDC-X737P - Implementation of Executive Functioning Strategies
EDC-X738P - Implementation of Self-Regulation Curriculum
EDC-X739F - Using Google Apps for Feedback and Formative Assessment
EDC-X739P - Marching Off the Map
EDC-X745M - Augmentative Alternative Communication Implementation Strategies
EDC-X747P - Teaching AP United States and Comparative Government/Politics
EDC-X748P - Topics in Autism: Girls on the Autism Spectrum
EDC-X749P - Curricular Planning for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities
EDC-X750P - Collaborative Inquiry, Part 2
EDC-X751P - Cultivating Leadership
EDC-X752P - Executive Functioning Skills & Autism/ADHD and other Special Populations: Integrating Best Practice & Strategies
EDC-X754O - AP Summit: Connecting Practice and Outcomes
EDC-X755P - Growth Mindset II
EDC-X756K - LAMP Words for Life Basics
EDC-X756P - Promoting 21st Century Skills Through the Implementation of Teach Like a Champion Classroom Techniques
EDC-X757K - Proloquo2Go Basics: Operational and Linguistic Skills Level 1
EDC-X757P - Implementing the 20-60-20 in the World Language Classroom
EDC-X758K - The Connected Classroom for Educators
EDC-X758P - Autism in Literature: Girls on the Autism Spectrum
EDC-X759O - Collaborative Inquiry Part 1 - Learning Leaders and Systemic Excellence
EDC-X759P - Remediating the 7 Most Common Error Sounds Using the SATPAC Approach and the 7 Stages of Phoneme Development
EDC-X760O - Elementary Gifted Resource Teacher Training
EDC-X760P - Career Progressions using Windows 10 and Office 2013
EDC-X761P - Inquiry-Based Learning Course 2: Refining, Revising, and Re-Exploring IBL to Make Projects that Matter More
EDC-X763P - This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents
EDC-X764P - Creating Innovators: A Book Study for Supporting Innovative Teaching and Learning
EDC-X765M - Safety Crisis Management
EDC-X765P - Current Trends in Music Education - 2018
EDC-X766P - How to TedX: Research, Writing, + Public Speaking
EDC-X770P - Building a Positive School Culture Utilizing the Love and Logic Approach
EDC-X771K - Self-Regulation and Emotional Control Curriculum & Strategies
EDC-X773P - Fundamentals of Coaching
EDC-X774P - Google Level 1 Certification for Educators
EDC-X775O - Leadership for Special Education Programs: Fundamentals for School Administrators
EDC-X778P - Action Planning for School Improvement
EDC-X779H - Sharing Cultural Experience for the DoDDS Student
EDC-X779P - Equitable and Reliable Grading Practices
EDC-X780P - So You Are Opening a 21st Century School
EDC-X781P - The National Core Arts Standards – Performance Standards
EDC-X784O - Foundations for Student Centered Learning
EDC-X784P - AVID: A Schoolwide Approach
EDC-X785P - Using Continuous Quality Improvement in Professional Learning Teams to Enhance Student Learning
EDC-X786P - Implementing Reading for Meaning Strategies to Utilize College and Career Readiness Standards in all Curricular Areas
EDC-X788N - 21st Century Literacy and Mathematics Differentiation Model K-6
EDC-X788P - Creative Classroom Communication
EDC-X789P - Best Practices in DoDEA School Psychology
EDC-X790P - Fair Isn’t Always Equal - Book Study and Application
EDC-X791P - Number Talks: Implementation in Elementary Mathematics Book Study and Implementation
EDC-X792P - Facebook Official: Using Social Media to Control a School's Narrative
EDC-X793N - The Growth Mindset Coach
EDC-X793P - Getting to know the DoDEA Learning Walkthrough
EDC-X794P - Utilizing Win10 Technologies to Enhance Instruction
EDC-X795P - Integrating StarLab
EDC-X796P - Ensuring Mathematical Success for All in Secondary Math Classrooms
EDC-X797N - Assistive Technology: Read and Write Training
EDC-X797P - Transforming Education
EDC-X798P - Planning for Learning in a New 21st Century Building Environment
EDC-X799P - Teacher Leadership I