Course sections listed for the following organization have been created by the University of San Diego's Professional and Continuing Education division exclusively for this organization. They are intended solely for students associated with this specific group and are not available to the general public.

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EDC-X703Q - College and Career Ready Standards for Speaking and Listening: Implementation for Secondary Grades
EDC-X712Q - MAD ET Summit 2019
EDC-X717Q - Visible Learning for Mathematics
EDC-X719P - Book Study: Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria
EDC-X721Q - Rigor - Learning Leaders and Systemic Excellence - Naples Elementary School & Naples M/HS
EDC-X725Q - Differentiation in Social Studies
EDC-X726Q - School Nursing to Support Healthy Schools - Semester II - 2019
EDC-X728Q - Enhancing Literacy of Elementary Students
EDC-X730Q - Collaborative Inquiry Part 3
EDC-X731Q - Collaborative Inquiry Part 4
EDC-X732Q - Strategic Instruction and Intervention Approaches for Developing Sentence Comprehension and Production
EDC-X735Q - Teacher Leader Book Study - Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading
EDC-X738Q - Teacher Leaders, Part 1
EDC-X739Q - Book Study - Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading
EDC-X744Q - Technology Integration Throughout the Curriculum - PK-2
EDC-X745Q - Developing Empathy in Children
EDC-X746Q - Differentiation in Secondary Science
EDC-X747Q - CSI Research Based Strategy Implementation
EDC-X750P - Collaborative Inquiry Part 2
EDC-X750Q - 21st Century Teaching, Learning, and Leading Network
EDC-X751Q - Core Six Strategy Implementation
EDC-X758K - The Connected Classroom for Educators
EDC-X771K - Self-Regulation and Emotional Control Curriculum & Strategies
EDC-X785M - Increasing Rigor in the Classroom for Teachers
EDC-X788P - Creative Classroom Communication
EDC-X792P - Facebook Official: Using Social Media to Control a School's Narrative
EDC-X799P - Teacher Leadership I