Course sections listed for the following organization have been created by the University of San Diego's Professional and Continuing Education division exclusively for this organization. They are intended solely for students associated with this specific group and are not available to the general public.

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EDC-X755S - Sharing Cultural Experience for the DoDDS Student II
EDC-X759S - Blended Learning in Your Current Reality
EDC-X772S - Teach Like a Champion
EDC-X774S - The National Core Arts Standards – Respond Assessments in a Digital Environment
EDC-X776S - 2021 EMEA Conference - Current Trends in Music Education
EDC-X778S - School Action Plan – Leading the Way Through Instructional Practice
EDC-X779H - Sharing Cultural Experience for the DoDDS Student
EDC-X779S - 2020-2021 College and Career Ready Writing Standards: Implementation for Elementary Grades
EDC-X781S - Master Scheduling
EDC-X782S - Cultural Humility for Educators
EDC-X783S - ISS Coaching – from Theory to Practice
EDC-X784S - The Role of Learning Targets in Increasing Student Achievement: Brewster Middle School Book Study
EDC-X785S - 2020-2021 Alternate Content Standards Professional Learning
EDC-X786S - Pacific Assistant Principal Academy – Session 1
EDC-X787R - Photoshop for Teachers
EDC-X787S - Building Restorative Practices in Middle School Environment
EDC-X789S - Alternate Content Standards Professional Learning: Mathematics
EDC-X790S - Instructional Rounds in DoDEA Pacific East
EDC-X791S - DoDEA ESOL Teachers – WIDA Supports for ELLs
EDC-X792S - Book Study: Argument Driven Inquiry in Earth and Space Science
EDC-X793S - 2021 Equity and Access Summit
EDC-X795S - Bringing Focus to Collaboration
EDC-X796S - Book Study: Science Teachers' Learning - Enhancing Opportunities, Creating Supportive Contexts
EDC-X797S - E-learning: Captivating Audiences