Course sections listed for the following organization have been created by the University of San Diego's Professional and Continuing Education division exclusively for this organization. They are intended solely for students associated with this specific group and are not available to the general public.

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EDC-X700R - World of Difference II/Refugee Issues
EDC-X701R - Introduction to DoDEA Social Studies Standards, Skills, and Practices
EDC-X702R - Topics in Autism: A Historical Perspective and Current Implications
EDC-X703R - Successfully Working with Children from Diverse Backgrounds
EDC-X704R - Focused Collaboration at Work
EDC-X705R - PBIS and Classroom Managment
EDC-X707R - DoDEA Elementary Advanced Academic Resource Teacher Professional Learning
EDC-X708R - Elementary Leading and Learning
EDC-X709R - Secondary Social Studies – Teaching History/Social Science Content through Skills
EDC-X710R - Secondary Social Studies – Literacy in the Social Studies Utilizing Core Six Strategies
EDC-X711R - Advancing AVID Leadership Schoolwide
EDC-X712R - The New Normal: The Effect of Modern Cultural Elements on Student Behavior and Social Emotional Development
EDC-X714R - AP Summit: Instructional Leadership
EDC-X715R - Total Participation Techniques
EDC-X716R - Exploring Inquiry Based Labs in Secondary Science Classrooms
EDC-X717R - Rigor: What’s Data Got to Do With It?
EDC-X718R - Reading Support for Students with Difficulties, Disabilities, and Dyslexia
EDC-X720R - Engaging Every Student in Their Learning
EDC-X721R - Focus Collaboration for Tiered Interventions
EDC-X722R - The National Core Arts Standards – Respond Assessments
EDC-X723R - The National Core Arts Standards – Leading Fine Arts Teachers through the Respond Assessments
EDC-X726R - How to Differentiate Instruction in Academically Diverse Classrooms–Part 1
EDC-X727R - Topics in Autism: Social Competency Across the School Day
EDC-X730E - Social Skills & Autism: Integrating Best Practices & Strategies Into Classrooms and Small Groups
EDC-X737P - Implementation of Executive Functioning Strategies
EDC-X738P - Implementation of Self-Regulation Curriculum
EDC-X746Q - Differentiation in Secondary Science
EDC-X749K - Integrating Interactive Classroom Presentation Technologies across the Curriculum
EDC-X756K - LAMP Words for Life Basics
EDC-X757Q - Teaching an Advanced Placement Course 2019
EDC-X758H - Problem Based Learning: Effective Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement in STEM
EDC-X759L - Morning Meeting: Linking Academic Success and Social Emotional Learning in 21st Century Learning Environments
EDC-X759Q - 2019 Summer Leadership: Leadership, Learning and Resources
EDC-X760Q - Exploring Core Instructional Practices and Materials for K-5 Literacy
EDC-X765M - Safety Crisis Management
EDC-X765Q - Engaging the K-12 Classroom with Rigorous Curriculum
EDC-X769Q - Flipping Learning & Communication Using Google Sites
EDC-X774Q - Web Design for Classrooms
EDC-X775Q - Leadership Matters -- "Mission Possible"
EDC-X776Q - Methods of Teaching STEM in the Classroom in Grades 6-12 Using SeaPerch Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
EDC-X777Q - Caring School Community
EDC-X778Q - Leadership Symposium -- Making Connections for Student Success
EDC-X779H - Sharing Cultural Experience for the DoDDS Student
EDC-X779Q - Leadership for High Performing Schools
EDC-X780Q - DoDEA ESOL Co-Teaching and WIDA Introduction Course
EDC-X782Q - 21st Century Teaching, Learning, and Leading: Building a Sustainable School Culture
EDC-X783Q - 21st Century Teaching, Learning, and Leading: Supporting a Sustainable School Culture
EDC-X785M - Increasing Rigor in the Classroom for Teachers
EDC-X785Q - Core Six: Implementation in the K-12 Classroom
EDC-X787Q - Continuous Improvement: Analyze and Adjust, Part 1
EDC-X788Q - Responsive Classroom – First Six Weeks of School
EDC-X789Q - Augmentative Alternative Communication Implementation Strategies
EDC-X790Q - Assistive Technology Read and Write Literacy Support Training
EDC-X791Q - Introduction to Assistive Technology
EDC-X793G - DoDEA Conflict Management Virtual Course for Educators
EDC-X793Q - Increasing Student Engagement in Secondary Classrooms
EDC-X794Q - AVID: Content Area Writing - A Schoolwide Approach
EDC-X795Q - Implementing Science Notebooks as a Tool for Student Learning
EDC-X796Q - Building Leadership from Within
EDC-X798Q - Three Dimensional Science Instruction in Secondary Science Classrooms
EDC-X799Q - Planning 21st Century Teaching and Learning