Course sections listed for the following organization have been created by the University of San Diego's Professional and Continuing Education division exclusively for this organization. They are intended solely for students associated with this specific group and are not available to the general public.

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EDC-X700O - Tribes TLC 2.0 Focus Group for Elementary Teachers, K - 5th Grade
EDC-X703O - G Suite in the Classroom: Google Sites, Hangouts, Docs, Slides and Forms
EDC-X704O - Autism in Literature: The Journey Continues
EDC-X705O - Inquiry-Based Learning: Projects, Problems and Presentations That Matter
EDC-X706O - Topics in Autism: A Family Perspective
EDC-X707O - Rigor Part 3 - Implementation Learning Leaders and Systemic Excellence
EDC-X709O - Selecting Modern Children’s Literature and Library Materials 2007-2017 for Children in Early Childhood to Intermediate Grades
EDC-X710M - Understanding by Design-Applications to College and Career Readiness Standards
EDC-X711J - Topics in Autism: Rethink Trainer Program
EDC-X717O - Focus on Standards-Based Learning Study
EDC-X718N - Germany Today XIV: Influence of Media on our Decision-Making
EDC-X721O - Data Symposium and Action Strategy
EDC-X722O - Literacy Learning: CCRSL K-5 Reading Interventionists
EDC-X724O - Using G Suite in the Classroom (Basic)
EDC-X728O - Using Google Apps for Education (GAFE) in the Classroom - Intermediate
EDC-X729O - Coaching a Growth Mindset
EDC-X730E - Social Skills & Autism: Integrating Best Practices & Strategies Into Classrooms and Small Groups
EDC-X730O - The Core Six: Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence in the Common Core Book Study and Classroom Applications
EDC-X731O - Enhanced Core Reading Instruction I
EDC-X734O - What Great Administrators Do Differently
EDC-X738N - Learning Leaders and Systemic Excellence - Session 2 - Rigor Continued
EDC-X743K - Project Based Learning: Collaborating at a Distance - Worldwide Sunflower Project
EDC-X743O - Interactive Read Aloud: lmbedding Comprehension Strategies and Using Text Dependent Questions
EDC-X744O - LGBTQ Awareness in Our School
EDC-X745M - Augmentative Alternative Communication Implementation Strategies
EDC-X745O - CCRS Arts Anchor Standards
EDC-X746O - Literacy Structures that Work - 3rd to 5th Grade
EDC-X747O - World Language and Culture Teachers – CCRS-WL Course
EDC-X748O - Google Certification for Educators
EDC-X749O - Video Production for the Classroom Teacher
EDC-X750O - Germany Today XVII: American and German Culture and Identity – We Look the Same But Are We Thinking and Acting the Same Way?
EDC-X751O - CCR Standards – Learning and Incorporating Videography into the Curriculum
EDC-X752O - Structuring Your Language Arts Instruction
EDC-X753O - CCRSM PK-5 Year 3 PD Course #4 – Math Teachers
EDC-X754O - AP Summit: Connecting Practice and Outcomes
EDC-X755O - College and Career Ready Standards for Writing: Implementation for Secondary Grades
EDC-X756O - Structuring your Language Arts Instruction Part 2
EDC-X757O - College and Career Ready Standards for Writing in Secondary (6-12) History/Social Studies
EDC-X758K - The Connected Classroom for Educators
EDC-X758O - New Technologies for the 21st Century Classroom
EDC-X759O - Collaborative Inquiry Part 1 - Learning Leaders and Systemic Excellence
EDC-X760O - Elementary Gifted Resource Teacher Training
EDC-X761O - Supporting Struggling Readers Using Various Literacy Strategies
EDC-X762O - Foundations of Coaching - Part 1
EDC-X764O - Literacy and Physical Education, 6-12
EDC-X765M - Safety Crisis Management
EDC-X765O - Measurement and Physical Education, K-5
EDC-X766O - Interactive Read Alouds Pre K-5
EDC-X767C - Data Collection & ABA Instructional Practices (prev #: EDU-767C)
EDC-X767M - College and Career Ready Standards for Literacy Implementation for Secondary Grades
EDC-X767O - SHAPE America! Keep It Simple in Sport Medicine
EDC-X768O - Adult Learning for Teacher Coaches
EDC-X769O - SPED Compliance: Understanding DoD Manual 1342.12
EDC-X771K - Self-Regulation and Emotional Control Curriculum & Strategies
EDC-X772N - Standards-Based Literacy Instruction Centered Upon The Reading Strategies Book
EDC-X775D - VB-MAPP: Assessment of Skills and Designing Evidence-Based Educational Programs for Students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Related Developmental Disabilities
EDC-X775F - Part II: Data Collection & ABA Instructional Practices
EDC-X775O - Leadership for Special Education Programs: Fundamentals for School Administrators
EDC-X777O - Love and Logic for Teachers
EDC-X778O - Promoting a Growth Mindset PK-5
EDC-X779H - Sharing Cultural Experience for the DoDDS Student
EDC-X779O - Classroom Strategies (K-12) for Addressing LGBTQ Biases
EDC-X780O - Watercolor Painting
EDC-X783N - Integrating Science, Technology, Social Studies, and the Arts in the Sure Start Classroom
EDC-X784O - Foundations for Student Centered Learning
EDC-X785O - 21st Century Teaching and Learning
EDC-X789L - Implementing Rigor in the Classroom
EDC-X792N - Application of Data Driven Functional Behavior Interventions
EDC-X794N - The Art of Coaching Teams
EDC-X795N - Reading Strategies in K-5 Classrooms