Course sections listed for the following organization have been created by the University of San Diego's Professional and Continuing Education division exclusively for this organization. They are intended solely for students associated with this specific group and are not available to the general public.

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EDC-X703O - G Suite in the Classroom: Google Sites, Hangouts, Docs, Slides and Forms
EDC-X703P - K – 5 Science: Implementing the CCRSS through FOSS
EDC-X704P - Elementary World Languages – Increasing Student TL Use
EDC-X706P - DoDEA School Finance
EDC-X707O - Rigor Part 3 - Implementation Learning Leaders and Systemic Excellence
EDC-X710P - Leadership Matters – "Walk the Talk"
EDC-X711P - Using G Suite in the Classroom (Advanced)
EDC-X712P - STEM: Integrating STEMinars through JSHS
EDC-X713P - Leading the Learning for Increased Student Achievement
EDC-X714P - Creating Aligned Diagnostic Common Assessments
EDC-X716P - Disciplinary Literacy in Social Studies: Applying the C3 Framework and Digital Resources to Instruction
EDC-X717O - Focus on Standards-Based Learning Study
EDC-X717P - Instructional Planning for Teaching in the Block
EDC-X718P - 2018 Summer Leadership: Climate, Culture, Communication
EDC-X719P - Book Study: Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria
EDC-X721P - Crisis Prevention, Response, and Recovery
EDC-X722O - Literacy Learning: CCRSL K-5 Reading Interventionists
EDC-X722P - Disciplinary Literacy in ELA/English: Implementing the CCRSL and Exploring Digital Resources to Enhance Instruction
EDC-X724O - Using G Suite in the Classroom (Basic)
EDC-X727P - Methods of Teaching STEM in the classroom in Grades 6-12 Using STEM in Robotics
EDC-X730O - The Core Six: Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence in the Common Core Book Study and Classroom Applications
EDC-X731O - Enhanced Core Reading Instruction I
EDC-X739H - Communication and Conflict Management in Special Education
EDC-X744O - LGBTQ Awareness in Our School
EDC-X745M - Augmentative Alternative Communication Implementation Strategies
EDC-X751O - CCR Standards – Learning and Incorporating Videography into the Curriculum
EDC-X752O - Structuring Your Language Arts Instruction
EDC-X753O - CCRSM PK-5 Year 3 PD Course #4 – Math Teachers
EDC-X754O - AP Summit: Connecting Practice and Outcomes
EDC-X755O - College and Career Ready Standards for Writing: Implementation for Secondary Grades
EDC-X756K - LAMP Words for Life Basics
EDC-X756O - Structuring your Language Arts Instruction Part 2
EDC-X760O - Elementary Gifted Resource Teacher Training
EDC-X766O - Interactive Read Alouds Pre K-5
EDC-X767C - Data Collection & ABA Instructional Practices (prev #: EDU-767C)
EDC-X771K - Self-Regulation and Emotional Control Curriculum & Strategies
EDC-X771N - Building Capacity for Increased Student Achievement
EDC-X775O - Leadership for Special Education Programs: Fundamentals for School Administrators
EDC-X779H - Sharing Cultural Experience for the DoDDS Student
EDC-X779O - Classroom Strategies (K-12) for Addressing LGBTQ Biases
EDC-X784O - Foundations for Student Centered Learning
EDC-X785O - 21st Century Teaching and Learning
EDC-X789L - Implementing Rigor in the Classroom
EDC-X791O - Standards-Based Instruction for K-12 World Language Teachers
EDC-X792O - Effective Classroom Management Techniques
EDC-X793G - DoDEA Conflict Management Virtual Course for Educators
EDC-X793N - The Growth Mindset Coach
EDC-X794N - The Art of Coaching Teams
EDC-X795O - CCRSM PK-5 Year 3 PD Course #5 – Math Teachers
EDC-X796O - Literacy Learning Across Content Areas
EDC-X799O - Teacher Leaders Building Capacity for Change