Cyber Security Programs for High School Students

Top 4 Reasons Students Should Attend:

  • Accelerate academic achievement
  • Advance to a higher level of high school coursework
  • Receive personalized attention in small size classes
  • Improve college/university application profile and readiness for success

Let us help prepare your high school student for college success with innovative, high quality cyber security programs and camps.


My son thoroughly enjoyed the Cyber Security workshop he attended. Many thanks to USD for hosting this kind of educational experience for high school students. It’s a wonderful way for them to explore if this is an area they’d like to pursue as a major in college or as a profession. A common question found on college applications is “Describe a topic you find so engaging that it makes you loose all track of time.” This workshop captures the essence of that question for our son but he never would have known without the opportunity to spend so many hours, with such a qualified instructor, among an equally interested and engaged group of students. He is looking forward to participating in next two workshops in the series. — Lauri Twomey
Wanted to let you know that my son loved the cyber security class. The instructor was awesome and gave my son some great career advice. — Ed Faith