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Prepare for College in the United States Online

For those non-native English speakers who are looking to attend universities in the U.S., the ELA is offering online courses that will provide information and support needed for such students to be academically successful. Improving academic writing skills, learning about the U.S. campus environment, and reaching a higher score on the TOEFL iBT test are some of the skills covered by these courses. The fact that they are offered online and in an asynchronous format provides the added benefit of allowing international students to take such courses on a computer in their own country, and on a daily schedule that works best for them.

Featured Courses

Preparing for University in the US

The academic experience in the U.S, can be very different from that in other countries. International students planning to attend colleges/universities in the U.S. can give themselves the advantage of learning about campus life and academic expectations ahead of time by taking this online course, which will help them navigate academic life in the U.S. more successfully.

TOEFL iBT Test Prep

This online course helps international students reach the required TOEFL test score for admission into U.S. (and other) academic institutions. Students learn test-taking techniques, practice by taking tests, and improve their overall English skills in academic Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Introduction to Graduate Writing

Attending a Master's (MA/MS) or Doctorate (PhD) program in the U.S. requires a particular set of writing skills which go beyond a basic five-paragraph essay. This online course will provide international scholars with the knowledge and specific tools necessary to improve their English academic writing skills, as well as successfully navigate the process of creating a research paper.