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The following courses are new to USD Professional and Continuing Education's catalog of professional growth offerings for educators or recently revised and updated.  Courses can be taken individually or toward certificate/professional program requirements, as applicable.  View all individual courses listed below, or those associated with Certificates, Professional Programs, or Series listed immediately below.

Certificates, Professional Programs, and Series:  NEW

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EDU-X720O - The Future of Education - Preparing for Change
EDU-X721K - Teaching Climate Change in the NGSS Classroom
EDU-X722K - Literature-Based Learning: Creative Grammar Strategies (1-5)
EDU-X722O - Creating a Culture of Thinking: Metacognition in the Classroom
EDU-X735O - Makerspaces: Nuts and Bolts
EDU-X736O - Project-Based Learning for Student Engagement and Achievement
EDU-X750L - Digital Literacies for the 21st Century Classroom (prev #: EDU-X777I)
EDU-X750Q - Social Changemakers: Cesar Chavez
EDU-X751Q - Social Changemakers: Malala Yousefazai
EDU-X752Q - Social Changemakers: Sonia Sotomayor
EDU-X753Q - Social Changemakers: Nelson Mandela
EDU-X762J - Historical Spotlights - Castles
EDU-X763J - Historical Spotlights - Great Explorers
EDU-X765J - Historical Spotlights - World War II
EDU-X765L - Conquer Compassion Fatigue - Self Care Strategies for Educators
EDU-X766J - Historical Spotlights - American Presidents
EDU-X767L - Introduction to the Mindful Classroom - The Art & Science of Well-being for Staff and Students
EDU-X768J - Historical Spotlights - World War I
EDU-X768L - Art, Development, and Identity for Educators
EDU-X771L - Increasing Rigor in the Foreign Language/LOTE Classroom
EDU-X772K - Culturally Relevant and Responsive Teaching
EDU-X775L - Next Generation Science Standards: Introduction and Unpacking (K-6)
EDU-X776L - Next Generation Science Standards: Introduction and Unpacking (6-12)
EDU-X776O - Geography in the Classroom: Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
EDU-X777L - Advanced Google Tools
EDU-X777O - Google Tools Curriculum Planning
EDU-X778L - Next Generation Science Standards: Unit and Lesson Design (K-6)
EDU-X779L - Next Generation Science Standards: Unit and Lesson Design (6-8)
EDU-X779P - Principles of Coaching
EDU-X780L - Next Generation Science Standards: Unit and Lesson Design (9-12)
EDU-X780P - Character and Athletics
EDU-X781L - Chromebooks in the Classroom
EDU-X781P - Differentiation of Instruction: How to Reach Every Athlete on Your Team
EDU-X782L - Introduction to Instructional Design for Educators
EDU-X782P - Leadership in Coaching
EDU-X783J - Technology Tools for Enhancing Instruction and Empowering Students
EDU-X784P - The Innovator's Mindset: Empower Learning through Creativity and Connections
EDU-X785L - Enhancing Computational Thinking with Computer Science Skills in Your Classroom (K-12)
EDU-X785O - Collaborative Methods for Independent School Teachers
EDU-X785P - Graduate Writing Using APA Format
EDU-X786L - Exploring Academic Stamina
EDU-X787P - Health and PE Innovation: Incorporating Technology into Your Curriculum
EDU-X788P - Cognitively Guided Instruction in Math (CGI)
EDU-X790L - Online Shared Lesson Plans: Meeting Today's Standards I
EDU-X794O - Groupwork--Accountable Talk in the Classroom
EDU-X797L - Infusing Art in the 21st Century Classroom: Non-Western Art for the K-12 Classroom
EDU-X798L - Teaching Informational Text/Nonfiction (1-6)
EDU-X798O - Supporting Learners with Google Classroom
EDU-X799L - Planning a Guided Math Unit (K-6)