Female teacher helping male student at his desk, representing Educator Programs for K-12 teachers

The following courses are new to USD Professional and Continuing Education's catalog of professional growth offerings for educators.  Courses can be taken individually or toward certificate/professional program requirements, as applicable.  View all individual courses listed below, or those associated with Certificates, Professional Programs, or Series listed immediately below.

Certificates, Professional Programs, and Series:  NEW



EDU-X720O - The Future of Education - Preparing for Change
EDU-X721K - Teaching Climate Change in the NGSS Classroom
EDU-X722O - Creating a Culture of Thinking: Metacognition in the Classroom
EDU-X735O - Makerspaces: Nuts and Bolts
EDU-X736O - Project-Based Learning for Student Engagement and Achievement
EDU-X750L - Digital Literacies for the 21st Century Classroom (prev #: EDU-X777I)
EDU-X762J - Historical Spotlights - Castles
EDU-X763J - Historical Spotlights - Great Explorers
EDU-X765J - Historical Spotlights - World War II
EDU-X765L - Conquer Compassion Fatigue - Self Care Strategies for Educators
EDU-X766J - Historical Spotlights - American Presidents
EDU-X767L - Introduction to the Mindful Classroom - The Art & Science of Well-being for Staff and Students
EDU-X768J - Historical Spotlights - World War I
EDU-X768L - Art, Development, and Identity for Educators
EDU-X771L - Increasing Rigor in the Foreign Language/LOTE Classroom
EDU-X772K - Culturally Relevant and Responsive Teaching
EDU-X775L - Next Generation Science Standards: Introduction and Unpacking (K-6)
EDU-X776L - Next Generation Science Standards: Introduction and Unpacking (6-12)
EDU-X776O - Geography in the Classroom: Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
EDU-X777L - Advanced Google Tools
EDU-X777O - Google Tools Curriculum Planning
EDU-X778L - Next Generation Science Standards: Unit and Lesson Design (K-6)
EDU-X779L - Next Generation Science Standards: Unit and Lesson Design (6-8)
EDU-X779P - Principles of Coaching
EDU-X780L - Next Generation Science Standards: Unit and Lesson Design (9-12)
EDU-X780P - Character and Athletics
EDU-X781L - Chromebooks in the Classroom
EDU-X781P - Differentiation of Instruction: How to Reach Every Athlete on Your Team
EDU-X782L - Introduction to Instructional Design for Educators
EDU-X782P - Leadership in Coaching
EDU-X783J - Technology Tools for Enhancing Instruction and Empowering Students
EDU-X784P - The Innovator's Mindset: Empower Learning through Creativity and Connections
EDU-X785L - Enhancing Computational Thinking with Computer Science Skills in Your Classroom (K-12)
EDU-X785O - Collaborative Methods for Independent School Teachers
EDU-X785P - Graduate Writing Using APA Format
EDU-X786L - Exploring Academic Stamina
EDU-X787P - Health and PE Innovation: Incorporating Technology into Your Curriculum
EDU-X788P - Cognitively Guided Instruction in Math (CGI)
EDU-X790L - Online Shared Lesson Plans: Meeting Today's Standards I
EDU-X794O - Groupwork--Accountable Talk in the Classroom
EDU-X797L - Infusing Art in the 21st Century Classroom: Non-Western Art for the K-12 Classroom
EDU-X798L - Teaching Informational Text/Nonfiction (1-6)
EDU-X799L - Planning a Guided Math Unit (K-6)