Earn 3 Semester Units per Course

Los Angeles Teacher using remote teaching for students with her computer laptop representing University of San Diego course offerings for Los Angeles K-12 educators

Welcome Los Angeles Area Teachers! Our courses will be fully online again this winter 2021 session.  USD has purposely selected these courses for LA teachers as most schools will continue with remote teaching and learning after the first of the year.  Be prepared and confident in your teaching, knowing that these courses will help you plan and strategize for continued student learning.  We have chosen the Online Self-Paced format for these courses, that allows more flexibility and convenience for working teachers. We believe you will enjoy these courses that can be taken simultaneously or one after the other within the dates provided.

Enroll now through February 7, 2021 for Winter offerings.  Courses open on January 11, 2021 to maximize your time to complete your course work. All assignments are due no later than March 5, 2021.

Courses will be taught by our regular Los Angeles area instructors.



Thousands of Los Angeles area educators have taken courses from the University of San Diego to enhance learning and understanding in their classrooms, their schools and communities. Work with knowledgeable instructors to dive deep into relevant educational topics of the day. Engage in rich online resources to collect curriculum resources, learn new skills and content to incorporate into your curriculum.

  • EDU-X714S - Teaching for Joy and Equity in the K-12 Classroom - Enroll now through Feb 7
  • EDU-X750J -  New Curriculum for New Times:  Planning/Realigning Curriculum - Enroll now through Feb 7

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