Man drawing diagram on whiteboard with multiple cogs, labeled Goals, Vision, Strategy, Research, Innovation, Team Work, and Growth, representing Management courses for business professionals

Our management courses equip students with the necessary skills to build dynamic organizations capable of achieving and delivering the required results. Learn how to foster innovation, cope with change and uncertainty, and successfully complete projects. The following courses can be taken individually or toward certificate/professional program requirements, as applicable.  View all individual courses listed below or those associated with Certificates, Professional Programs, or Series are also listed below.

Certificates, Professional Programs, and Series: 

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BNK-X800 - Banking Fundamentals
BUS-X800P - Design & Implement a Value Based Pricing Strategy Workshop
BUS-X801 - Entrepreneurship and Business Management Fundamentals
BUS-X804 - Human and Organization Development
BUS-X808 - Human Centered Design for Business
BUS-X839E - Risk Management and Capstone Project
ENG-X800 - Lean Improvement Methods
ENG-X801 - Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate
ENG-X802 - Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate
ENG-X805 - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
MGT-X800 - Overview of the Nonprofit Sector
MGT-X801 - Introduction to Fundraising
MGT-X802 - Managing Today's Nonprofit Teams Through Effective Risk Management
MGT-X803 - Introduction to Nonprofit Financial Management
MGT-X804 - Attracting and Retaining the New Volunteer Workforce for Today's Nonprofit Organizations
MGT-X806 - Developing Effective Nonprofit Boards
MGT-X807 - Fundamentals of Program Evaluation
MGT-X828 - How the Legislative Process Works
MGT-X851 - Strategic Planning and Management
PMP-X800 - Project Management Overview: Framework, Process Groups and Integration
PMP-X801 - Human Factor: Build and Communicate with the Project Teams
PMP-X802 - Project Management: Time, Cost and Risk
PMP-X803 - Managing Project Quality, Negotiations, Contracting and Procurement
PMP-X804 - Capstone Team Project
PMP-X805 - Agile Principles
PMP-X806 - Creating and Managing a Project Management Office
PMP-X808 - Change Management
PMP-X851 - Advanced Agile with SCRUM
PMP-X852 - PM Leadership and Change Management
SUS-X800 - MOOC: Sustainability and The Global Supply Chain