Enhance Your Skills in 3D Design with Unity

The Unity Immersive Design Certificate prepares students for careers in 3D design through hands-on practice with Unity. Students will create highly realistic and immersive virtual scenes and learn to deploy applications they create. Through projects, students will practice their skills and have a portfolio of work to show to future employers, in addition to a certificate co-branded with the University of San Diego and Unity.

Who Should Attend

The courses in this certificate program are targeted for professionals looking to master real-time 3D development skills through hands-on practice with Unity.

Schedule & Fees

Course # Courses (8 units) Duration SP SU FA Fee
UNXR-X800 Unity: Build a Full Construction Site Tour
( 4 units)
6 weeks OFD OFD OFD $1249.50
UNXR-X801 Unity: AR for Industrial Design Visualization
( 4 units)
6 weeks OFD OFD OFD $1249.50
One Time Certificate Fee (Waived)  
Total Certificate Cost (2 courses) $2499
C = Classroom; OFD = Online Fixed-Date; OSP = Online Self-Paced; IS = Independent Study Self-Paced  *Schedule and fees subject to change

Program Details

Complete the requirements below to earn a Unity Immersive Design Certificate. The certificate can be completed in 12 weeks. Read Certificate Benefits and Policy.

  • Complete 2 core courses, UNXR-X800, UNXR-X801 (8 units)
  • Learn foundational Unity skills to create in a virtual space
  • Create highly realistic and immersive virtual scenes by adding and manipulating features, such as lighting, materials, textures, object animations, and post-processing effects
  • Incorporate interactable menus and media (audio, video, images) to the experience
  • Use these skills to create and deploy VR applications on OculusGO and AR application on mobile devices
  • Create immersive VR experiences and AR applications for real-world use cases such as construction site design and industrial design visualization
  • Build virtual worlds with realistic lighting, audio, and object interactions.
  • Incorporate user interface design best-practices.
  • Manage 3D asset workflows, including poly and CAD models

Additional Details

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