View Lesson Plans Found on the Internet as Potential Valuable Teaching Resources

A teacher taking Online Shared Lesson Plans Series courses preparing for future lesson plan at her computer

This series is designed to encourage today’s K-12 teachers to explore online resources, mostly available at no cost or a nominal fee, to expand and enhance their curriculum. Thousands of successful lesson plans created by other teachers are uploaded and easily accessible on the Internet today. Many of the lesson plans are designed to meet the Common Core State Standards, or your own state/district/school standards. These courses will allow you to review different websites’ lesson plan libraries, choose three different lesson plans to incorporate into your teaching, and evaluate the effectiveness of each one after implementation in the classroom.

Who Should Attend

K-12 educators looking to enhance their curriculum without having to "reinvent the wheel" by considering online shared lesson plans as a potentially valuable tool when designing lessons


Enroll in one or more courses in this series. Begin with EDU-X790L course.

This course can be taken more than once by selecting different lesson plans for each course taken. Enroll in the next course in the series each time (i.e. Online Shared Lesson Plans: Meeting Today's Standards I, Online Shared Lesson Plans: Meeting Today's Standards II, Online Shared Lesson Plans: Meeting Today's Standards III...).

  • Discover new teaching resources available on the Internet that are created by teachers of same subject matter and/or grade level to support state/district/school standards
  • Enhance your teaching by professionally collaborating with other educators that offer best practices and new thoughts on activities and methods
  • Implement these new ideas into your lesson planning with a fresh approach
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of selected resources to determine if they should remain part of your curriculum

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