Become a Lifelong Learner by Expanding Your Subject Knowledge and Passing It On to Your Students

Students researching on their laptop computers seeking new knowledge as inspired by USD's Knowledge Quest Certificate courses

Take an individual course or work toward earning a certificate with multiple courses!

The courses in this program address the need for educators to be lifelong learners while meeting the academic needs of their students. The Knowledge Quest Certificate program is designed for educators to begin a quest for knowledge guided by an audio or video course, from The Great Courses published by The Teaching Company. The journey begins by studying and reflecting on ideas, topics and texts in an academic discipline of your choice and culminates with independent writing, research and curriculum projects. One, two, and three-unit courses are available.

NOTE:  Prior to enrolling in any course in this program, read the Curriculum tab on this page to ensure that the one Great Courses lecture series chosen meets the required # of lectures.

Who Should Attend

K-14 educators who want to increase their knowledge in a general subject area and use the content learned in their classroom.

Schedule & Fees

Course # Courses (total of 9 units) Duration SP SU FA Fee
EDU-X750K thru
Knowledge Quest - Subject Area Exploration  1 - 10 (1 unit each) up to 9 months IS IS IS $129 each
EDU-X760K thru
Knowledge Quest - Subject Area Exploration  1 - 7 (2 units each) up to 9 months IS IS IS $237 each
EDU-X767K thru
Knowledge Quest - Subject Area Exploration  1 - 4 (3 units each) up to 9 months IS IS IS $376 each
Course # Core Course (Required) Duration SP SU FA Fee
EDU-X771K Knowledge Quest - Capstone (3 units) up to 9 months IS IS IS $129*
  One Time Certificate Fee         $45
  Total Certificate Cost (9 units)         Varies
C = Classroom; OFD = Online Fixed-Date; OSP = Online Self-Paced; IS = Independent Study Self-Paced   *Schedule and fees subject to change


Complete the requirements below to earn a professional certificate in Knowledge Quest.

  • Complete 6 units (number of courses vary by number of units of each course)
  • Complete the Knowledge Quest Capstone core course (3 units)

Read Certificate Benefits and Policy.

Your transcript will indicate the subject area of your overall focus and can be obtained when you complete the certificate requirements.

Enroll in one or more courses of one, two or three units to earn graduate level extension credits. Unit value is determined by the number of lectures in the course.  One-unit courses require one lecture set that has a total of 24-47 lectures. Two-unit courses require one lecture set that has a total of 48-66 lectures. Three-unit courses require one lecture set that has a total of 72 or more lectures.  It is recommended that you choose your lecture series prior to enrolling in the appropriate unit valued course based on the number of lectures.

You can expect the following from the Independent Study Self-Paced course in this series:

  • You can independently work on course work, completing course within nine months from enrollment
  • You will listen/watch resources tied to each course, reflect, and develop connections to be used in the classroom
  • Instructor is available by email
  • Completed assignments are submitted upon completion of the entire course, and then evaluated by assigned instructor
  • Instructor provide provides feedback to your submitted work.  Final grade is issued and posted to your record for transcript.
  • Listen to an audio course or view a video course
  • Examine and reflect on ideas, topics and texts in your chosen academic discipline
  • Expand and refine your understanding and appreciation for knowledge related to specific audio/video course content
  • Bridge the gap between the knowledge of your students and your need to be a lifelong learner
  • Explore personal interests related to specific audio/video course content

LIMITED TIME OFFER:  The Knowledge Quest Capstone core course, EDU-X771K*, is currently discounted for educators.  Earn 3 units for the price of 1!  After successfully completing your choice of prerequisite Knowledge Quest elective courses that total six units, plus this capstone course you will have earned a total of nine units for the price of seven.  Add the one-time certificate fee to receive a professional certificate of completion.  Enroll today to take advantage of this special offer!

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They may also be available at or from:

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  • Craig's List
  • Public or School Libraries

Additional Details


Minimum Required

37.5 Hour(s)