College Visits, Do I Really Want to Live Here?

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Top 20 FAQs for Your Next Road Trip

Deciding where to spend the majority of the next 4+ years of your life takes some serious thought. Even if you can’t visit the campus, request an interview with an admissions counselor when they visit your school/area or speak on the phone with them. Talk to people you know who have already been to college about their experiences and their college (Teachers, parents, neighbors, friends, relatives, etc.). The thing to remember is that there is no best ever college, but there are many colleges which can be a good match for you. The FAQs below are in no specific order – what is important to you may not be important to others. Prioritize them in your order of importance. What can’t you live without and what won’t you miss.

  1. Where do the students live (both locally and permanently)?
  2. What is the general atmosphere on campus? Serious? Party? Sports oriented? Innovative?
  3. What is the appearance of the campus? Safe? Clean? Compact? Spread out?
  4. Could you see yourself living, breathing and being a part of the campus for at least four years?
  5. Who teaches the classes? Professors or teaching assistants?
  6. Do students have the opportunity for undergraduate research?
  7. Are there internships available in your desired field? Does the school find them or do you?
  8. What facilities are available for student use?
  9. What is the library like? Do students study there or somewhere else?
  10. What are the computer facilities like? Will you have access to a good high-speed network in your dorms, classrooms and public areas?
  11. Are Freshmen required to live on campus? Sophomores?
  12. What are the residence halls like?
  13. Can Freshmen have cars on campus?
  14. What is the athletic program like?
  15. Are there fraternities/sororities on campus? Are members able to live in-house during the Junior and Senior year?
  16. What percentage of students are in Greek organizations?
  17. What clubs/activities are available? Do they have a college extension of your favorite club or something similar?
  18. What cultural opportunities are available? Do you have access to a variety of offcampus events in the surrounding community as well as on-campus events?
  19. What about the town/city? What is it like? What do students do on the weekends?
  20. What study abroad opportunities are available?

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