Social Entrepreneurship in Action Certificate

3 Courses
9 Units
Online Fixed-Date
28 Weeks

Make a Difference in the World with Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is a rapidly developing and evolving field in which nonprofit and business leaders design, grow and lead mission-driven enterprises. To meet demand, we are offering a completely online social entrepreneurship certificate featuring a global perspective with input from organizations and speakers from San Diego, around the U.S. and internationally.

This certificate considers the full spectrum of social business models, including nonprofit organizations, enterprises developing revenue-generating products or services for a social goal, and socially responsible for-profit companies. Participants will have an opportunity to dive deeper into the tools and models that drive successful social enterprises and, finally, to explore and test how these might apply to their organizations and careers. This program will expose participants to: theories of entrepreneurship, models of social change, management skills and the leadership required for successful socially entrepreneurial organizations.

Certificate Requirements

Complete the requirements below to earn a professional certificate in Social Entrepreneurship in Action.

*To earn transferable graduate level extension credit to one of USD’s Kroc School of Peace Studies’ Master’s degree programs, students must earn a B or better in each certificate course.

Cohort Schedule

Course #Required Courses (9 Units)DurationSpring 2023Summer 2023Fall 2023
BUS-X822Social Entrepreneurship: An Introduction (3 Units)7 WeeksJan 17 – Mar 6, 2023May 16 – July 3, 2023Sep 5 – Oct 23, 2023
BUS-X823Social Impact Strategy: Tools for Entrepreneurs (3 Units)7 WeeksMar 7 – Apr 24, 2023July 11 – Aug 28, 2023Oct 31 – Dec 18, 2023
BUS-X824The Practice of Social Entrepreneurship (3 Units)7 WeeksMay 16 – Aug 21, 2023Sep 5 – Dec 11, 2023Jan 9 – Mar 15, 2024

Schedule & Fees

Required Courses

All courses from this stream are required for completion of this certificate
Course Date Units Price
Social Entrepreneurship: An Introduction [BUS-X822] See Course Options 3 $679
See Course Options
Online Fixed-Date
Megan Pontes

Fully online 3-unit professional course that focuses on introducing social entrepreneurship, doing business to positively impact today’s world, that is the first of three courses in the Social Entrepreneurship in Action Certificate program.

Social Impact Strategy: Tools for Entrepreneurs [BUS-X823] See Course Options 3 $679
See Course Options
Online Fixed-Date
Megan Pontes

Online 3-unit professional course that focuses on introducing social entrepreneurship key tools, models and frameworks for assessing, developing and scaling social enterprise models when doing business to positively impact today’s world, that is the second of three courses in the Social Entrepreneurship in Action Certificate program.

The Practice of Social Entrepreneurship [BUS-X824] See Course Options 3 $679
See Course Options
Online Fixed-Date
Megan Pontes

Practice your learning with this online 3-unit professional course that focuses on practicing social entrepreneurship in the work environment, doing business to positively impact today’s world, that is the third and final course in the Social Entrepreneurship in Action Certificate program.


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Online Fixed-Date

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How is the learning structured? In an online fixed-date course, you and your classmates will proceed through the curriculum together, collaborating in a shared learning experience. Each online fixed-date course is asynchronous, meaning that you can work on your assignments anytime, although required to complete the assignments by specific dates. The course is designed with learning modules where all of the content is grouped into weekly assignments. Each module covers one or more topics. Within each of the learning modules, you can expect the following components:

  • Module introduction that outlines what you can expect to learn in the module.
  • Required readings (textbook, articles, journals, etc.) and presentations (audio and/or video).
  • Assignments with due dates (which may include: written assignments, journal entries, research, blogs, etc.) based on the readings and presentations.
  • Discussion forum where you answer prompts from the instructor and interact with your classmates.
  • Module conclusion to review the topics and what you should have learned.
  • Typically, there is a final project, paper, or exam due in the last module that culminates all of the topics covered in each of the learning modules. You’ll find that the design of the learning modules has a rhythm to help you manage your time in the course.


B Corporation Employee Discount

For employees of certified B Corporations, you are eligible for a 25% discount on course tuition. Start by creating a student account using your company email, or creating a student account and then uploading a photocopy of your business card or employee ID card in your student portal. To upload your verification image, login to your student account, under “My Files” and upload your file. Then contact USD Enrollment and Student Services at to enroll requesting the ‘B Corporation Employee’ discount for the Social Entrepreneurship in Action Certificate program. You will be invoiced and have five business days to pay your invoice or will be dropped from the course(s). Discount applies to course tuition only. B Corporations will be verified on the company’s website with the logo below or at this website:

What You Will Learn

Students who complete the Social Entrepreneurship in Action Certificate can expect the following outcomes:

Who Should Attend

The Social Entrepreneurship in Action Certificate is offered completely online. The certificate is designed for professional practice with the goal of either creating a new social entrepreneurship venture or adding social entrepreneurship practices to your existing organization.

This certificate program is for those who are interested in entrepreneurship careers that benefit society. This includes:


Participants in our social entrepreneurship certificate program can expect the following benefits:

*Also, participants in this program earn graduate-level extension credits that are accepted toward the Masters in Social Innovation, the Masters in Peace and Justice, and the MS in Conflict Management and Resolution at the University of San Diego, pending acceptance into one of the programs.


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Careers Outlook

Employment opportunities in the business and finance field are expected to grow by over 750,000 new jobs by 2030 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). With so many new and emerging opportunities, employers are going to have to compete heavily to attract and retain the most talented and educated business professionals.

This makes furthering your education and diversifying your business skillset all the more important. With expertise in a wide variety of business concepts, you will not only be well suited for many job roles, you will also be in demand by the employer of your choosing.

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Average business manager salary

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Data Analyst

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