A Woman’s Guide to Self Isolation During COVID-19

How much longer are we going to be required to live like this? We didn’t train for [it] and there’s no manuals, or selfhelp books I know of to purchase Online (and honestly if they exist, I really don’t want to waste time reading any of them). So, I’ve decided to express how this single woman is coping with self-isolation.

My Workout Routine

When I venture out of my house, it’s with caution. I roam neighborhood streets hoping to get in a rigorous three-mile power walk, but find myself leaping off sidewalks to avoid careless children and their distracted parents. I try smiling and waving with great optimism at strangers who may be standing on their porches, yacking away on their cell phones. Some wave back, with inquisitive expressions as if to say “who is that woman gesturing at me like that?” There is an upside to all of this, my three-mile walk typically turns into four, sometimes five miles. I mean, seriously, is anyone in a rush to get back home?


You would think being a single woman would have its advantages when going to a store. For example, I can deftly maneuver around couples, clerks stocking empty shelves, those distracted parents with their careless children, and any number of folks lacking the ability to gauge what six feet looks like. But even the single woman needs to have a strategy when shopping these days, especially in larger grocery stores.

Large Grocery Stores

I am no fool. I hit the toilet paper aisle first, then the meat section, then produce, maybe soups and then to the spice section to choose spices which have not run low, but just in case this thing goes on for months, I need backup. It’s not like anyone is going to judge me for buying extra spices, but I probably look kind of guilty, loading up with 3 jars of oregano, 2 jars of thyme, and 1 large jar of onion powder in my cart. Last item on the list is flowers. Living in a COVID-19 world requires the single woman to purchase her own flowers. Come to think of it, this single woman always purchases her own flowers. Sigh.


I don’t watch a lot of television, never play video games, my Wii needs someone with patience to set it up again, and most of the books I own are on a Kindle. The last thing I want to do is look at one more cell phone or computer screen, in an attempt to distract myself from reality. Instead, I find myself staring out the window at neighbors who walk, run, or bike by, in various stages of COVID-19 dress. For example, kids never seem to wear masks, some of their parents do, and couples are a mixed bag, with elderly folks sporting some type of homemade facial covering. Delivery people are the same, some with masks, some with masks and gloves, and others apparently have been living in a cave and wear no protection whatsoever. I’m not certain if I’m more afraid for them, or afraid to touch anything they may have left at my doorstep or mailbox.


I almost put this in the entertainment category because I really love cooking and entertaining for my family and friends. However, since it may be several more weeks (I try never to think of [this] in terms of months) before I can entertain again, I’ve decided to treat myself like a special dinner guest. I’m making delicious, beautifully presented meals, serving them on great dishes, choosing delicate stemware, and adding a finishing touch with colorful cloth napkins and candles. I highly recommend doing this for yourself! I mean if not now, when? Okay, maybe not every night, but at the very least, on Saturday nights (I am trying to avoid thinking this will drag out, but let’s be real).

The Future

There are other COVID-19 adventures that await the single woman, and I look forward to discovering what they are!

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