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Concurrent enrollment for the community in USD campus courses.

Open Campus at the University of San Diego provides a unique opportunity for professionals, students and high school graduates, to take fully accredited campus courses on a space-available basis at the University of San Diego.

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Application Process

Open Campus enrollment is available for students wishing to attend the University of San Diego's regular campus courses.

The application process for Open Campus does not require University admission. In order to apply please see the suggested steps for application below. Classes in Open Campus are offered on space-available basis. Once accepted to Open Campus, students are not guaranteed entry to courses. Instructor approval is required for course.

Steps for Application

  1. Search for classes in our MySanDiego Campus Schedule.
  2. Identify the courses you wish to take and email with the detail. In the email please include the class name, number (CRN), times and instructor.
  3. Create a PCE student account using the "Account Login" link from the top of
  4. Complete the Application Form online.
  5. Print the Instructor Approval Form for instructor approval for the course you want to attend. This will help you confirm that space is available in the class and the instructor will be able to determine if there are any prerequisites to completed for the specific class. Please ensure that this form is signed both by the instructor and the department Chair. Applications without both signatures will not be accepted.
  6. Submit the Instructor Approval Form to Professional and Continuing Education Open Campus Office located in Manchester Conference Center room 117.
  7. Pay the registration and course fee by the deadline.

Please note the following items before applying:

  • All applications must be accompanied by a $100.00 non-refundable application fee.
  • Required credentials:
    A. Official transcripts of any attempted college work.
    B. Official final high school transcript or proof of high school graduation or equivalent.
  • Open Campus limited to a maximum of six courses per semester, with a cumulative total of eighteen semester units maximum.
  • All semester deadlines apply in the case of Open Campus. Those enrolled in Open Campus attend class with degree-seeking students and participate in the same course activities and requirements.
  • Please check transferability requirements of your home institution if you plan to transfer credits earned through USD's Open Campus. USD does not guarantee transfer of credit. All transfer decisions are up to your home institution.
  • Financial aid and university housing are NOT available to Open Campus students.
  • International students with F-1 visa status are eligible for Open Campus if they are enrolled full-time at another institution and have maintained good immigration standing. A letter from your immigration advisor supporting part-time enrollment at USD must be submitted with your application including copies of your current Form I-20, passport page, visa page and I-94 card (front and back). International students with visa types other than F-1 may be eligible to apply and must consult with the International Admissions Counselor. International students seeking to study may contact PCE as some programs and course loads will qualify them for a student visa.
  • All students at USD, including those enrolled through Open Campus, are responsible for maintaining standards of conduct and academic integrity as outlined in USD campus policies.